Written by Richard

9 Jan 2006

Most Saturdays my wife potters about the house leaving Mark my running buddy to pound the streets in an effort to keep fit.A couple of months ago she had the chance to stay with her sister out of town.After we had got back Mark asked if he could shower and change at our place as his hot water was off.I showed him through to our on suite bathroom while I went to make us something refreshing.

Returning with the drinks Mark was just emerging from the shower and made no effort to cover himself as he walked over to collect his glass.I had not seen him naked before but my eyes were drawn to his lower regions,he was completly hairless,balls and all.For the first time I had to admit to myself it looked very erotic a mild turn on.Mark saw me looking and laughed asking if it met my approval.I asked him what it felt like and how often did he have to shave to avoid stubble.Mark suggested I have a feel to see for myself,tentatively I brushed my hand across his ball sac.Mark joked about never having another guy handle his tackle and flexed his muscles causing his cock to jump,adding if I kept on caressing him like that he couldn`t be responsible for his actions.Just then his cock fell into my open palm giving me the chance to wrap my hand around it and give it a quick tug.Expecting Mark to pull away I was surprised when he asked me to carry on,as I did so his cock grew in my hand.

What he said next came as a shock,he asked if I would like to suck it.Before I could answer I felt his hands on my shoulders gently pushing me downwards towards the floor.

Holding my head with one hand,his now hard cock with the other he guided it towards me until it was inches from face.I could see the first signs of his precum ousing,slowly he wiped his cock under my nose coating my upper lip with his stickyness.I felt his cock brush against my lips as he gently probed for an opening.I tried to resist but more precum was seeping onto my lips lubricating them,with another slightly more forceful nudge I felt his cock prise my lips apart.Resistance seemed futile,I found myself opening my mouth wider to receive Marks cock which he slowly fed in inch by inch till I felt it brushing the back of my throat.Taking my head in both hands he stood there sighing how good it felt and instructing me what he intended to do next and what I should be doing with my tongue to help him cum.Tenderly he rocked back and forth sliding over my tongue as I did my best to tease and massage the underside of his cock.He continued to move in and out gradually increasing the frequency of his thrusts.His sighs were becoming louder,as they reached a peak so did he,his cock pulsed harder and seemed to grow in my mouth.Mark let out a final YESSSSSS! and pulling me onto his cock came in my mouth.The initial burst caught me unawares and I struggled to accomodate the warm salty tasting goo,I thought the best thing was to swallow hard,as my mouth emptied so another load followed,then a third.I allowed it to swill around my mouth,to lay on my tongue so I could fully appreciate its taste and flavour.Mark meantime continued to hold my head urging me to suck the last drops from his cock,finally letting it fall from my lips as it softened.

We stood for a few minutes not saying a word till Mark said being Bi he had fantisied for weeks wanting me to do that but was waiting for the right opportunity to manoeuvre the situation to make it happen.I asked how he was so sure I would respond like I did,he said he didn`t but was pleased that I had.I asked what happens next,Mark said well lets get you out of your running gear and into the shower so that he could return the favour and suck me off if I wanted him to,I wouldn`t be disappointed.

Later on now both washed and ready we lay my double bed,Marked moved over me and gently wanked me till I was hard and wanting.I almost came as he took me into his mouth for the first time but he was able to delay my climax by squeezing the base of my cock.As I relaxed Mark began doing things with his tongue that would drive anyone wild.As I turned my head I could see his own cock growing rapidly close to my face.This time there was no forcing I reached out and took hold of it signalling to Mark I was more than ready to take receipricate.Laying side by side joined by our cocks and mouths we sucked and teased each other till we came almost together.

It was late afternoon when exhausted,we could no longer rise to the occasion we decided to get dressed.Mark asked if next week we could go to his place as he wanted us to do it again.I said I had no objections and for the following week seemed to walk around with a semi erection in anticipation.

Now Saturdays Mark and I no longer pound the pavements we pound each others cocks.