Written by Sean

18 Aug 2004

We sat there for a while all three of us , Tom , Pat and myself trying for a minute to take in what we had done so far , i think we were all pretty amazed. I suggested that we should shower because we were all sweaty , sticky and covered in cum. I have a large shower , large enough for all three of us to step under the refreshing spray together.

Tom and I had Pat in a Sandwich. I washed her back gently from behind , whilst Tom washed her breasts before moving down to wash her pussy . When he had finished Tom got down onto his knees in the shower and started licking her pussy. I continued to fondle Pat from behind , i cupped her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples as Tom continued to lick and suck on her pussy. Soon i could feel her legs starting buckle as an orgasm started to swell in her body. to excite her even more i slipped my little finger into her tight arsehole and slowly started to finger her as Tom continued to lick her pussy. Pat screamed and shouted her way to the most violent of orgasms , i have never heard anything like it previously.

By this stage Pat was feeling well and truely fucked , she needed to recover from that big O. She asked that Tom and I continued to amuse each other whilst she got her breath back , and it was then that i had an idea. Tom was sporting a hairy groin area unlike my own clean shaven cock and balls , so i suggested to Tom that i shave him. Pat loved the idea and asked Tom to agree. With a sheepish look he agreed.

I got some scissors and a razor and some foam , and with Pat watching intently i soon had Toms cock and balls totally hairless. Tom liked what he saw and agreed with me that it seemed to make his cock look bigger , it was now rock hard again.

The urgency was now gone , the mood had changed noticeably. I led Tom and Pat into the bedroom for the first time that night. Tom lay on the bed with Pat and i lying either side of him. Pat and i started to stroke and kiss Tom gently around his neck and chest , this time it was tenderly and passionatly , we lingered with every kiss as our hands stroked his chest. Pat moved away a little and whispered to us both to carry on , she wanted to watch again for a while as her husband made love with another man. I put my arms around Tom and we kissed passionatly on the lips . We both knelt up on the bed facing each other and continued to kiss slowly and seductively whilst at thye same time letting our hands wander all over each others bodies. It was uncanny but without saying anything we lay down opposite each other and got into the 69 position. Lying side by side we gently and tenderly sucked each each others shaven cocks . Pat knelt above us stroking us both , saying how beautiful we looked , how turned on she was. We lay like this for what must have been a good ten minutes or so , sucking , licking , nibbling each others cocks. Pat rejoined us and she lay down and started to suck my cock whilst Tom started to lick her pussy , i continued to suck gently on Toms cock. We then changed around . I licked the lovely juices from Pats pussy , whilst she sucked Tom as Tom sucked me.

Tom then asked me to fuck him for the first time in his life. He had been dildoed but he felt he was ready now for a propper cock.

Tom raised himself and knelt on all fours on the edge of the bed with his arse sticking up invitingly waiting for me to fuck him. Whilst i was putting on a condom Pat was oiling him up , and gently insering a finger into him to prepare him for my cock. When he was ready i moved forward to place my cock head against his virgin arsehole. Gently i slipped the head of my cock in , and waited a moment , just to allow Tom time to get used to me. Then over the next minute or so , very slowly and very gently I inserted my cock into him until finally he had taken the lot.

Pat lay beside him , whispering to him , assuring him , I waited for a little while longer and then very slowly started to fuck him , withdrawing gently and then pushing back into him , his arse was tighter than any pussy i had ever fucked previously. Pat got of the bed and stood along side me as I fucked her husband , she watched my cock going in and out of his arsehole. As i fucked Tom she kissed me passionatly and ran her hands all over my chest.

Tom was moaning by now and relaxed so I startd to fuck him harder and harder until i could feel the cum rising in my balls , with one last hard thrust i shot my load inside him ( condom still on ) .

I withdrew from Tom and we all slumped onto the bed , breathing heavily and trying to get our breaths back. We were exhausted by now . Limbs and arms were everywhere , but no one cared. I glanced at the clock and saw it was now 03.30 am Sunday morning. Luckily Tom and Pat had agreed to stay the whole night , so we all naturally drifted into sleep.

I was awoken a couple of hours later to the feel of warm lips wrapped around my stiff cock. At first i didnt open my eyes , i lay there enjoying the sensations that the lips and tongue weere creating. When i opened my eyes i looked down to see Pat taking my cock into her mouth. Tom was lying beside me still asleep so i decided to lay back and enjoy this treat. Pat licked my balls and stuck a finger up my arse as she continued to give me first class oral. I couldnt hold out for long , and within minutes i was pumping cum into her mouth. She didnt spill a drop and with her lips closed she moved up the bed to french kiss me , as we did we swapped my cum from her mouth to mine until there was none left.

Pat got of the bed and left the room , i lay there next to Tom still in a daze really , I felt like pinching myself at what was happening. Pat returned a minute or two later wearing the strap on and my eyes lit up.

Without saying a word i arose from the bed and knelt in front of her and started to suck her cock. After a little while i presented my arse to her as i knelt on all fours on the edge of the bed. She oiled my arsehole and then slipped the strap on into me. As she did so i leaned forward and started to suck on Toms cock. The previous evening Pat had fucked me gently , this time she was fucking me hard , slapping my cheeks with her hand with each thrust It felt marvelous , with each thrust i took another suck on Toms cock , he was now awake and enjoying what i was doing. Pat ordered me to suck his cock , I did so hungrily as she fucked me. Tom started to buck and i felt the familiar taste of cum hit the back of my throat and without swallowing continued to suck him until he went soft. Pat withdrew from me and again we shared cum between our mouths until it was all gone

And that was that , I think we were all so knackered that we couldnt do anything else. This is a true account and we have already organised another evening when they return from holiday in early Sept . For the next twenty four hours i had a sore arse but also a permanent smile on my face. If there are any other couples out there who would fancy something similiar you know where to find me....Sean