Written by Happy Voyer

17 Nov 2004

It was my wifes mates birthday and we were all gathered at her house before going out for the evening, anyway during the time at the pub there was a lot of banter going on and alot of the lads were on leave from the army, now being a soldier myself I knew what things can get like but she can handle herself and the drinks were flowing and the talk went on about various subjects including sex - as it always does,after the pub we all ended up back at her mates place, there was three women and eight blokes, six of which were staying at her mates place. My wifes mate was looking very nice in her outfit and of course so was my wife, dressed in a long skirt and a bathing costume, with stockings,and a thong. now I knew this and I also knew I was in for a good nights fucking -but what I didn't know was what was about to happen.

Now my wife is a size 8 dress wise and a very cheeky outlook on life, and during the banter with everyone things were going well, after a while one or two people went home and that left me and the wife with her mate, and her boyfriend and a few of his mates.. My mate took his girlfriend upstairs and started to fuck her in the bathroom, now we went quiet and could hear all of this and when they came down it was obvious to them that we had heard it all and told them that they could have let us watch ! after the laughs and piss taking subsided a bit my wife had confessed that she wanted to fuck me now and that she couldn't wait until we got home so after my protests she said that if I didn't fuck her she would fuck one of the others, so of course I said yeah right.....

One of the lads said something to her in a joke and she told him that if he was man enough to get his cock out there and then she would suck him off,His mates start ed to laugh and egg him on and said that he would bottle it and so my wife said to her mate that they should put on a show for us fellas, after a little while they came back into the lounge and started to dance and kiss each other, a couple of the lads startd to dance with them and slowly help undress the two women, I said to my mate that if he wanted to stop things I would help and take my wife home and he said that ha had already fucked her once tonight already and he wanted to see how far she would go, I told him that it wouldn't stop until omeone got fucked and then he said to me that if I was happy enough to let everyone watch my wife then so was he. So we sat back and watched our women getting undressed by two of the lads whilst everyone else watched, I was very interested to see how far things would go but I didn't think they would go this far, one of the lads had taken my wifes skirt off and opened the zip mon her bathing costume so then she started to undress him as well , my mates girl was now dancing in her thong and stockings and rubbing up one of the lads, during this I now knew she planned to go all the way and not stop until things had run their natural coarse, my wife sat her dancer down on the setee in the middle of me and some one else and knelt down in front of him, took out his cock and started to suck, my mates girl did the same to her dancer and now there were two lads getting sucked off, we took bets on who would last the longest but it take take long for both lads to come and we were given another kissing show where the girls swapped punk with each other,

This was now beyond the no return point now and my mate said he wanted some of this so he took out heis cock and let my wife suck him off too, his girl was already onto someone else and then a couple of the lads went around the back of the girls and took off their reamining clothes and started to fingers their pussies, this was an awsome sight and it wasn't long before they were getting fucked as the rest of us watched and took turns getting wanked and sucked and then the only bloke to have kept his cock in his trousers stood up and said to the room that he wanted to show us fellas what a proper fuck looks like nd everyone looked at his cock - it was enormous!, the end of it was as big as my fist and must have been at least 10 inches long and I looked at the girls and they both said no way, so with a bit more encouragement, and a few more drinks they decided that they would help each other, so all the fellas sat back and watch as they licked and sucked and wanked him, my wife then said she was going to ride him so with that she positioned herself over his cock she lowered herself gently over his cock and started to scream as he stretched her, she aked for some help told that she had to do it by herself, my mates girl looked on in horror and she held his cock as my wife went a little further down, she stopped again and after a minute or so she was all the way down..

I couldn't beleive it .. she started to move slowly and as she was moving there was a moan and a groan and a few words like I can't take this - so she got off and laid down on her back recovering whilst her mate tried to mount him, she was more or less the same and eventually she started to ride him, he was pushing back at her and the noises she was making were something else, she got off and turned herself around so that she could have him from behind, he entered her again - slowly at first and I could see her pussy stretcheing around his cock and what a sight it was too. he started to speed things up a bit and got into his rythm and she was screaming and shouting that she was coming herself, this was too much and I put my own cock in her mouth and and very shortly all three of us came, me in her mouth and him deep into her pussy.

whilst they were resting my wife had recovered enough to play with some one else and she fucked two more of the lads and I loved watching her face as she saw there cocks explode their come all over her tits.

When she was ready for the big lad he told her she was to lie on her back and he would enter her slowly, this he did I saw his end push his way into her pussy once more and than stop, she had already started moaning and in he went again - another inch or so, she yelped again and he stopped, this went on until he was all the way inside her pussy, she was almost crying with the pain and pleasure, he started to move in and out and getting faster and faster, she ahd gotten used to him by now and scream at him to fuck her hard and fast, he did as he was asked and went at like a piston and then slowed down again and I could see that when he came back he almost came out and went back in - so she was getting almost the whole length of him each time,

She started to come and told him and so he started to fuck her faster again and when he started to come his grunts were getting louder and he exploded as he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy - she started to come and held onto him as if her life was at stake, she held him so tight and he pushed and pushed as if he wanted to come out through her back.

After they both and come and started to relax he pulled out of her and she was absoloutly done in. No more she cried and I just could 'nt help thinking that was probably the best fuck she has ever had,

Things carried on for the rest of the night everyone else got some more from the girls , even the big lad had some more playtime but not the whole hog.

After we got home I asked if she had ever been fucked like before, her reply - I have bigger but not thicker and it took her a few days to recover from that night before we started fucking again. I asked if she had the chance to do ti again - would she - she said, she loved the whole night with people watching and all of them fucking her and seeing her mate getting fucked as well, and that if she had the chance to do it again .......................................

She wouldn't....

Sorry fellas