Written by he tricked me

27 Sep 2006

We have been playing a little game ever since we married five years ago, on our birthdays we dare each other to do something outrageous, it's got naughtier each year, my husband had his thirtieth last week, we went to Wales, staying in a nice hotel on the north coast, I knew he was thinking of something bad for me, but we promised each other we would do whatever we asked of each other on our birthday, we were driving home, he was a little tired so we pulled into a services to get something to eat and have a break, he had asked me to wear nothing but a short dress, and as I'm only size 8 with a c cup, I don't need a bra, so we went into the resterant, and had a coffee, it was full of truckers, they noticed my state of undress as soon as I walked in, my nipples were poking out, and as I sat down, my dress rode up to show most of my legs, every eye in the place was watching me till we left.

We got in the car, he reached over and undid the buttons down the front of my dress, it opened all the way, he folded the material back exposing my naked body, he then said right this is your dare, I want you to get out of the car and walk right down the line of lorries, I will meet you at the other end, thinking he wanted me to go with my dress open, I wasn't too surprised, however when I tried to out he pulled the dress off me as I climbed out of the car, I stood there naked, as he started the car and drove to the other end of the car park, there must have been twenty lorries, parked up for the night, most of them with the drivers sitting in their cabs, I had no choise, and started walking, headlights flashing as I walked past the lorries,

Windows opened, some got out and grouped me as I passed them others followed me down the line, my husband was standing beside the car with the camcorder in his hands, filming the whole thing, by the time I was half way there were about ten drivers round me, touching and fondling my body, one even had his fingers up me, from behind, others were nipping my peiced tits quite hard, this turns me on very much and I knew before I got to the car I was going to come, I only got past another two lorries before I felt my knees go weak and would have fallen if there wasn't so many hands holding me up.

I was gaspingas my climax coursed through my body, but that wasn't all I could feel a cock nudging at my pussy, and seconds later I felt it go right in, he gripped my hips and powered his cock into me, no condom, god what a risk, my husband came running up, saying no bare back lads, dishing out condoms to all of them, the bastard had planned it, I was surprised when the guy up me pulled out, rolled on a condom and went straight back to fucking me hard and fast, he was pulling me back onto his cock as he rammed it up me, thank god it wasn't too big, My hands were filled with cocks either side and another pressing at my lips wanting to be sucked, I opened my mouth and it plunged straight in, he grabbed my long hair and pulled me deeper onto his cock, almost choking me.

I don't really remember much about what happened next as it was the same thing just different cocks, one tried to put his in my bum, but I will not allow that not even my husband, I have of course tried it but the pain isn't worth the trill, besides my pussy is a much better place for a cock, he didn't argue, when I said no he just stuck it in my pussy instead, my husband said I had eleven cocks up me but I simply can't remember it was just a whirl of sex, climaxes and very sticky facials, pluss I swallowed a lot as well, not that I enjoy swallowing but had no choice, It was swallow or choke, he was right, there were eleven of them and they all had sex with me, no they fucked me, no consideration for me whatsoever, just somewhere to stick their rampant cocks, it's all on the camcorder.

When they had all had thier fun with me, my husband helped me back to the car, he said no point in getting dressed now is there, we drove the remaining 130 miles home with me naked, he put the interior light on every time we passed a lorry, giving the driver a honk on the horn to make sure he looked, at first I was angry with him for what he had done but by the time we got home I was so turned on again we made love for hours, before going to sleep in each others arms.

I've got five whole months to dream up my revenge before it's my birthday and I get to dare him to do whatever I can think of, suggestions would be helpfull, but don't hold back he deserves to be punished for this, don't you agree.