Written by kevin

6 Jan 2007

me and my wife have been married 20 yrs. we were always talking about swinging or fucking other people but never have.on my wifes birthday we went and to a nice hotel for the night,we were at the bar drinking having fun talking to people.i noticed my wife talking to this young attractive black man, i say young because me and my wife are 40 yrs old and this man was 26 yrs old.as the night went on we were all feeling pretty good. as the bar closed and everybody left, me my wife and this black man named mike were saying are goodbyes when my wife asked if we could invite him upstairs to our room for more drinks,at first i was like no but i thought about it and decided why not.so we are in are room drinking some more when my wife goes in the bathroom and comes out with nothing on but a black leather jacket. mike was like looking at me not knowing what to do, i said mike go ahead it his her birthday tonight, and you are her present.so i watch my wife fuck this man it was really turning me on so she invted me in and me and mike took turns fucking my wife.it was a great night.so as we were driving home the next day we were like how did that happen.but we did not regret any of it, as a matter of fact mike has fucked my wife for her last 4 birthdays. it brings a new meaning to happy birthday.