Written by Mandy

22 Oct 2004

My birthday actually fell on a Friday this year so Simon and I had a private celebration that evening before a special celebration with our sexy friends. Among my presents from Simon was a very revealing disco type outfit in silvery satin. It was just a brief bra that pushed my boobs up and out and a short skirt split on both sides up to the waist. This would look great with my silver high heeled sandals.

'That's for you to wear tomorrow night,' he said, 'and that's an order!'

I didn't mind, I was excited by the thought of wearing the outfit and what might happen anyway.

Simon and I had a very romantic birthday evening with a long 69 and two lovely fucks. One hard and fast because we needed it and one loving and slow. I could tell he was really excited because he was so hard and his spunk seemed more than ever.

The next afternoon at about five I began to get ready. I shaved off every hint of body hair and then used a soft depilatory cream to make sure my 'special places' were silky smooth. I carefully combed my blond hair, put on some soft make up, a gentle pink lipstick and lots of scent and then slipped into a little g-string, my high heels and my special outfit. A delicate necklace and some long dangly earrings set everything off very nicely. By this time it was nearly seven and I called Simon to come and see me.

'How do I look?' I asked cheekily as I happily promenaded in front of him flaunting my self and loving the sensation of my boobs being so well displayed and the slits in the skirt that showed off my legs.

'I'd love to fuck you now!' he declared, 'but I mustn't! Lift up the skirt!'

I did as he asked. 'That can come off!' he demanded when he saw my g-string. 'I want to know that beautiful smooth cunt of yours is totally uncovered!'

'Do I have to?'

'Yes!' he snapped firmly and secretly I was so thrilled by the idea that I happily obeyed then cuddled up to him. He had very smooth trousers on and a silky shirt. As I felt Simon's crutch his prick was soon erect and seemed very close.

'Are you wearing anything under there?' He gave a sly grin and winked at me.

'I wouldn't ask you to anything I'm not prepared to do!'

I put on a long velvet jacket before Martin and Julie collected us. I was ushered into the back of their car and sat in the middle with a man on each side. Julie was driving and I soon found out why. Simon cuddled up to me and so did Martin and his hand gently roamed up my leg. I was too excited to pull it away and I delighted by the gasp he gave when he reached high up and found that there was nothing in his way. 'Wonderful, wonderful,' he murmured in my ear and I reached over and gave his stiff cock a furtive rub.

By the time reached Jeanie and Ray's home I was in a state of high excitement. Once indoors I slipped my jacket off and was delighted by the response from the others.

'Wow! You look stunning!' Jeanie said with a huge smile.

'Good enough to eat!' added Ray with a charming but wicked grin that to me was full of promise.

When Julie took her coat off we all admired her. She was wearing the tiniest white lace bra that just held her breasts, a sheer white blouse and a tight black satin skirt that emphasised her lovely shape. Jeanie was wearing a tiny white silk dress that looked superb against her bronzed skin and lovely dark hair. Of course we greeted each other with long kisses and much caressing. Ray slid his hand under my skirt and felt up my leg and I felt his prick grow as he realised how little I was wearing.

'Happy Birthday Mandy!' declared Jeanie. 'You're goin to have a special treat. You're going to be the centre of attention for as long as you wish! How does that sound?'

'Wonderful! You mean all of you will be devoted to my pleasure?'

'That's right, darling, you tell us what to do and we'll do it for you. We'll have lot of fun between us as well as the thrill of what we do for you. Whilst you're think about what you'd like we'll have some drinks.'

As I drank I thought carefully about all the possibilities. I didn't want to rush things. Suddenly I had a lovely idea - like a good meal my evening would be in several courses!

'Well, what's it to be?' asked Jeanie. 'Let me guess ... you want to have lots of licking!'

'How did you know? I want every one of you to lick me.'

'That's fine,' Ray. 'I'll be first.'

I lay back in an armchair, my little skirt up and my legs wide. Ray drooled over what he saw then began to gently lick my slit probing with his tongue and taking longer and longer licks. Then he began to lick me lower down and I squirmed as he hit an erogenous zone near my little arsehole.

'Don't be greedy,' declared Jeanie and she pulled Ray away and she took over enthusiastically varying the pace between frantic passion and tantalising delicacy. Then something new happened. Martin lent over and began to lick my clit whilst Jeanie worked lower down. Julie replaced Jeanie and the pleasure went on and on. Simon had been watching but now he was kneeling close by me. 'Wonderful, lovely!' I heard him murmur. I reached out for him and felt his hard cock through his soft trousers. I glanced at him and saw a happy smile on his face. He came and kissed me then took over from Martin and Julie burying his head between my scented thighs and licking me sublimely. I had come several times already but now I felt a massive orgasm develop as my darling husband worked so hard for me. With a long loud moan I climaxed, Simon pulled away as I thrashed about then settled down with a glow of joy all over me. The others gave me a round of applause.

'Happy Birthday, Mandy!' squealed Jeanie. 'And remember, the best is still to come!'

'Drinks, everyone!' declared Ray, 'and there's a buffet if you're hungry, but we mustn't take long. All the guys are raring to go!'

'So are we,' said Julie softly. Although I had been given wonderful attention I was now itching to be fucked.

My next treat was something utterly new for me. Simon lay back on a sofa and pulled me on to him pushing his rock hard cock into me from behind. My cunt felt very exposed and I soon found out that this was the case as Jeanie began to lick me once more but she also ran her tongue up and down Simon's cock. Being licked and fucked at the same time - wow! Once or twice she took his cock sucked it hard then thrust it back in.Soon things developed further. Julie took over the licking and Martin began to suck Jeanie. Then Ray thrust hard into Julie as she licked me.

Another orgasm tore through me and I whined with pleasure.

'Come on guys,' shouted Jeanie, 'over hear. Mandy must have the full treat!'

Suddenly Ray and Martin were by me with the girls sucking and wanking them. Simon shot into me and the other fellows orgasmed moments later sprinkling their showers of hot spunk over my breasts. They pushed their lovely cocks to my mouth and I sucked each of them enjoying every little drop that still ozed out.

After this we did all need drinks and food. We all lay restfully on the sofas enjoying cool white wine and delicacies from the buffet table. We chatted naturally. We girls had all slipped our scanty clothes back on and the fellows were back in trousers. The wine went down well and we relaxed.

'Have you enjoyed your birthday treat?' asked Jeanie. I nodded and glowed with delight. 'What would you like now?'

'I'd like something outrageous but I can't think.'

The normally quiet Julie suddenly said, 'I can't wait any longer. Let have a fuckerama!'

'What do you mean?'

'You'll see. Come on chaps. get those lovely pricks out and get them really stiff. Lie back and we'll all have a ride!'

The fellows did as they were told - what a fabulous scene, three powerfully hard pricks sticking up from three sexy men. Julie climbed on Ray and began to ride him. Jeanie was soon on to Simon and so I was quick to spear myself on Martin. We all enjoyed riding hard but suddenly Julie called, 'Change!' and we all moved round. Now I was on Ray's beauty and enjoying it's thickness deep up my cunt. How the guys held back I don't know but they did. 'Change!' I called and I moved on to Simon who quietly said, 'Hello my darling,' and I rode him for a wet few minutes feeling my juices flowing freely.

'Our turn,' called Ray and we girls lay back and the fellows pumped in to us changing girl as each of them called. Suddenly one of them bellowed and Martin shuddered as he came. Of course this triggered the others and the smell of spunk mixed with the scents that we were wearing.

Cuddling all together afterwards we fondled each other. I slid my fingers in to the other girls and felt the sweet juices of love in each of them.

What a magical birthday treat. I'll never forget it.