Written by Peter

6 Apr 2004

I was flicking the through the adverts one afternoon and came across one where the husband(Bill) asked for another man to help give his wife(Gail) a birthday treat so I replied and after chatting a while was told to come round at 11.30 in the evening when they would of returned from an evening meal.I arrived at the address they had sent me via text and walked up to the front door but saw no lights on and wondered if they had either gone to bed or it was a windup.As I was about to walk away Bill hurriedly opened the door and asked if I was Peter, to which I replied yes and shown inside the hallway.Bill told me to follow him upstairs to where Gail was waiting and when inside I saw her sprawled on the bed and she smiled as she asked us to both undress.We both undressed and released our cocks in front of her and she leaned forward to take both of them into her hands and wanked them simultaneously as she stared up at them.I moved around behind her and pulled her thong to aside as she dropped her face over Bill's cock.I rubbed her lips with my fingers and thumb as she sucked away on Bill's dick.I then moved my cock up between her legs and pushed it inside her as she hungrily ate her husband's prick

as I started to fuck her from behind.Gail then removed Bill's cock and started to wank it off really hard I though he was going to pass out but she still managed to carry on backing onto my cock as it kept going in and out of her moist pussy.It was obvious that Gail was was starting to feel that the cum was boiling up in her husband's shaft

so she sucked him even harder in readiness.I then stroked my thumb along her G-spot then slipped a couple of fingers into her arse,making her squeal and this in turn caused Bill to explode deep inside her mouth and she proceeded to swallow his sticky load as she was being fucked from behind by a total stranger.A few seconds later I pulled out of her pussy and shot my load over her breasts leaving her exhausted,sticky and having enjoyed aher birthday treat.

I received an e-mail two days later from Gail saying she enjoyed her birthday treat and hoped I would be available next year.

That is something I will certainly not miss.