Written by Andy

13 May 2005

Bizarre Thursday

I don’t know about you lot but dogging seems to be feast or famine! Yesterday was feast.

It started off with me taking a mates girlfriend, Jill to visit him in prison. He has been in for 8 months now and she is 4 months pregnant, not his then. On the way down to the prison she chatted and told me she didn’t know who the father was she had spent a wild weekend at an orgy party and had her first encounter with black guys, she told me they were all hung like horses and she had been gang banged, she had gone back for more on a fairly regular basis and she was getting shared around with black guys.

So odds were when she gave birth it was going to be half black. She told me she was on the pill but it obviously hadn’t worked.. Now she was going to have to come clean to my mate. I think the only thing he would be upset about is not being there to see he getting used. He had shared her around before and he enjoyed it, him and me are both bi and had both played around together too, he got off on being dominated by guys and made to eat out her used cunt.

We pulled into the prison car park and she went into the reception area. I sat there for a while then noticed a car parked near by with a guy in the passenger seat. He was quite horny looking with a shaved head. Feeling horny myself after Jill’s confessions, I decided to go for a look. As I casually strolled over I saw he was getting a blowjob from a smaller woman in the drivers seat. I smiled and he beckoned for me to come closer. I stood by the car and he opened the window. I was then treated to 10 minutes of pure exhibitionism with her feasting on his good sized cock, I was not in a position to get mine out and had to suffer the torment of a rock hard boner constrained in my jeans. He commented she was doing a good job and he was getting close. I told him it was a nice piece of meat he had and she was a fucking lucky bitch. Eventually he came in her mouth, she then proceeded to get out off the car come round to me and start kissing me, squirting his cum into my mouth as she did. I willingly took my share as we swapped it back and forth I then sucked it in and swallowed it. Breaking our clinch I licked my lips and said thanks. I then exchanged phone numbers with the guy and arranged to meet this weekend. I walked back to my car rock hard and still not believing what had just happened. I had just got into my car when 2 women came out of the visitors entrance and went to the car of my new found friends, they drove off all waving to me. I’ll keep you posted

Eventually I got home and discovering I had no milk for coffee went down to the local shop run by some Asian guys. Sometimes there was a woman behind the counter, white, in her 50s overweight and ugly, I had never worked out what she was doing there, she never served. I went in and there was a young man in his 20s behind the counter serving someone. I went right to the back of the shop to where the fridge is. As the customer who was being served opened the door to go out the wind blew the door of the store room open. I looked up and there was the woman stark naked lay on a table getting fucked both ends by 2 Asian guys. The guy fucking her cunt looked around and I smiled and indicated it was ok. He carried on fucking, I heard the front door open again and not wishing to miss out on the show slipped into the store room and shut the door behind me. The guy fucking said something in his own language to the guy fucking her face and they waved me over. I walked over pulling my cock out as I did, I went to the cunt fucker and looked down to see his huge cock going in and out of her shaved cunt. He has giving her long strokes and obviously enjoying having an audience. She started to cum and was bucking and making stifled screams with the cock in her mouth. He came at the same time thrusting hard into her. He pulled out and showed me his handy work her obviously well used cunt was wide open and gaping and his cum was visible. I looked at his cock which he waved at me and using only his expressions invited me to clean it off. I went down on my knees and he fed his cock to me I liked it clean and still quite hard he dipped it back into her sloppy hole. When it came out it was covered in more of his cum and her juice, once again I cleaned it off. He then guided me around to her hole put his hand into it and scooped out some cum feeding it to me and saying something to his friend. He then pushed and held my face to her cunt and I licked and lapped their juices up. As I did she came again, this time making the face fucker cum. I was desperate to come but the guy tapped me on the shoulder and indicated for me to leave. She had not seen me, though probably knew someone else was there. I re-adjusted my cock and left. Walking back home I remembered the milk and went back for it. There she was still ugly, sat behind the counter as the guy whose 8 inch cock I had cleaned, served me. He smiled and said “see you soon I hope”

I arrived home and had my coffee, and decided as I still had not cum to put on a porn film and have a good wank. After selecting a good bi film I sat back and started stroking, well it was like someone had it in for me, the phone kept going and I gave up for the time being. Tea time came and I decided to go down to the chippy for my tea as I couldn’t be bothered cooking. I collected my food and decided on a short cut through the back alleyways to get home. Coming up past one back gate I heard the unmistakable sound of fucking. I looked around to see where it was coming from and decided it was from behind one of the garden fences. I carefully peeped through a hole, to be met with the sight of a real rough, tough looking guy in work clothes fucking a woman from behind. She was bent over fully clothed with her skirt pulled up and he was pounding her. In a loud whisper he was telling her what a slut she was, I could not believe it after all that had happened so far today, this was my ultimate turn on. He was close to cumming and his strokes were hard and fast. He pounded into her and came. I watched as he withdrew his thick 6 inches from her, he pulled off the condom from his cock and threw it over the fence landing by my feet. I couldn’t resist it, I picked it up and raced home. I got in and pulled my rock hard cock out, I pulled the condom onto my cock feeling he guys cum oozing round my cock, I squeezed it hard and let it squeeze out over my balls, thinking of how 5 minutes ago this seed had been firing into the cunt of some bored housewife from the rough guy’s power tool. I came with a mind blowing orgasm mixing my cum with the remainder of his in the condom shame it wasn’t her cunt, but we can’t have everything. I tucked into my lukewarm fish and chips and reflected. What a bizarre day!