Written by leeky

26 Oct 2006

hi like a lot of men i wanted to see my wife have some fem to fem fun while i watch and hope to join in so when i asked she said no so i pestered my wife for ages untill one day said ok but only if we have a 3some with a man first with one of your mates. as she new i would say no as i did. and she thought that was the end of it but the more i thought about it the more i wanted her to have two men. i started thinking about her having a black guy but i didnt have any black mates as she knew. so as a laugh one night i said to her ever had one she replyed no not interested its not true anyway about them. over the next few months while out clubing i met a black guy calld riky and became friends i had even noticed the size of his cock in the toiletes a good 8inches.

my wifes birhday was approaching so i started talking more about her having a mate of mine she say yes then would just laugh it off.on the night of her birthday we went clubing she was getting pissed flurting and enjoying the attenion. when she went to the loo i noticed riky i told him i wanted hem to fuck my wife that night as she had never met him and told him where i live and that the door would be on the catch and i would have her ready.

when we got in my wife was in such a horny mood she asked to to dress up in her knickers and stockings like her and tie her to the bed blindfolded so i did it was a lovely sight my wifes on all fours her shaven pussy just waiting there then i got under her in a 69 and liked her while she sucked my cock then i said bet you would like another cock while i licking you she said ohh yes . its your lucky night. right on que riky appeared in the bedroom total naked with that huge cock in his hand i was only 6 inches hard. he came up on to the bed and felt my wifes pussy she jumped i said its a birthday treat enjoy. riky cock had grown even more 10 inches. i tryed to get out from under my wife but she held me there. his cock touched her pussy it gently opened pushing her lips aside edgeing his way in she let out a grown i was as hard as i had ever been watching close up he went in bout 6 inches my wife jucies was all over his cock as he started to fuck her i was so turned on i licked her pussy riky changed his angle so he crouched behind her so i could lick her more she came again and again. riky got deeper and took longer strokes then i couldnt belive what happened his cock fell out into my nouth!i could taste my wife and him i grabed that black cock i was supprised how much it weighed and replaced it in my wifes pussy he then went realy deep in her she went oww but that soon went as she took the whole cock and soon started panting and coming shaking like mad she never had done that with me his cock came out a few times more till i decided to give it a good lick and suck i had never done anything like it but it tasted goo with my wifes jucies i placed it back in my wifes pussy and found myself licking his balls to. he sped up his pace then my wife shouted give me your seed so he let her have it she yelled while haveing a huge orgasm till he pumped no more. she then fell forward. riky was lucky as i hadt come yet she lay there recovering for a momment i could see her pussy shining and his come was starting to seep out then said wanted to taste that wonderfull cock with that riky went and stuck it in her mouth he then untied her and took off her blindfold. a gasp is the only way to say what happened to see this huge black guy infront of her saying happy birthday. she was a bit mad and said if i going to taste him so are you and sat back on my face i tried to move but ended up licking her. she then got off and said i going to enjoy my presie more and fucked him all round the room.

i never got my 3some with a women