Written by vanessa

17 May 2005

I have a flat with an artists studio at the bottom of the garden which needs total refurishbment last week I got my West Indian builder who has been working at our house on and off for about six years to come and price up the job.


My husband was abroad so I arranged to meet Robert on Wednesday morning to check the site. work

.I am fifty but still slim and in reasonable shape,Robert is in his late thirties and in much better shape than my overweight husband, with muscled torso , big hands and feet, which had me leading to one conclusion.

I met him at ten and we went down the garden and into the studio.

This is run down at present and is furnished with old tables and chairs and a futon. Its only been used in the last couple of years as a hang out for my teenage kids.

We chatted generally about the job and he went up the stairs to the mezzanine to check some measurements

It was a very hot day and I was dressed in only a small check skirt and thin blouse.

As he came back down he all but slipped down the last two steps and fell against me I grabbed him and put my arms out to catch him, as I did so I couldn’t resist rubbing my hand all over his crotch , squeezing his bulge.

With that he looked at me ,pulled me close to him and we kissed in a passionate embrace I went weak at the knees, and ground my pussy into his hand which had gone straight under my skirt between my legs . His other hand had quickly gone round inside my knickers and was fondling my arse, all my womanhood was easily available as I parted my legs. He panted in my ear “ oh what a fantastitic pussy you have “

He pushed me back and I made a token restistance.

Lets sort this out “ he said He reached over and pulled the blue futon down into a bed and with one movement pushed me onto it . He lay down next to me and put his big black hands up my skirt, pushed my knickers to one side and played between my legs as I opened them invitingly.

we French kissed each other as he pushed his fingers into my wet fanny. I was coming all over and I could tell the smell was getting him hugely aroused

As we played on the floor all my inhibitions went, as we kissed passionately my hands also moved to the right bits. I pulled off his painting overalls and pushed them down ,reached inside his boxer shorts jeans and felt what could only be described as a snake, he was not fully erect but my hand could barely go round his throbbing black cock I slid down his pants and gasped as I took hold of his cock, still semi-hard and dangling down. I couldn’t take my eyes off it , I had never seen or held something so magnificent, I pulled his foreskin up and down exposing his large black head. I don’t think id ever felt so randy,just sliding my hands up and down was making me incredibly wet. Unlike previous cocks I had held this was so big it was a thing in it’s own right, almost devoid of ownership- a giant real life dildo.!!

“fucking hell that’s huge - I want that right up inside me “ I growled.

I wanked him vigorously sliding my hands up and down his hardening cock. By now Robert had got my knickers soaked and was giving me the once over with his large black hands, his thick fingers working their way inside my wet pussy. Like most girls today my pussy has been shaved, which seemed to excite Robert even more.

– I want every inch of you ! “ I panted as I squeezed his by now growing cock.

“Every inch of him “ was unbelievable. He was a genuine “two-hander” with both my hands wrapped round it it still stuck out by a couple of inches.

To be lying on the futon in broad daylight in a state of half undress with a huge black stud was such a turn on.

He meanwhile had knelt between my legs ,, one hand played with his huge black dick as he parted my legs and slid into my wet His hands squeezed my arse as he pulled my little red knickers to one side and guided his massive 9” cock into my engorged cunt. His large hands gripped my behind as he worked himself in and out. He was so big and stiff that I could feel his whole length disappearing in me, I had never been filled like this. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pounded into me, his big black hands spread over my tits and body, I orgasmed like I hadn’t for many years. He was giving me the fucking of my life, his long cock would go right out and then piston back in. sometimes I would grab hold of him and play with the entrance to my fanny with his dick, and then as I was squirming he would push it all the way in. I had never felt sensations like this, it was by far the biggest cock I had ever had. “ fuck me fuck me hard , fill me you big black fucker “ I screamed out lots of raw sexual language. I grabbed his arse cheeks with both hands and pushed him even deeper into me, I was like an animal biting his neck and shoulder as he and pounded away.

My coming loudly had finally got to Robert. He pulled me off him and knelt back between my legs and presented his massive black cock to me. I eagerly grabbed it with both hands and gave him a hand job par excellence .” Come, spunk over me , I want to see you shoot over me” I couldn’t believe how dirty I was talking..

“ Oh let me feel you all over my face “ Suddenly Robert stiffened let out a grunt , his cock pulsated and a stream of spunk hit me over the mouth and chin, the second spurt ran over my neck and tits. I continued to work him with my hands, sliding his now relaxing cock into my mouth. I d never seen so much spunk flying, he gushed out thick and creamy all over me. Even as he softened he hung down several inches like a huge black hose, I sat there with my pussy making a nice wet stain on the furniture, my knickers still round one of my ankles, and spunk running all down my front, if only my husband could have seen me..

I realized then than Robert would definitely need his bonus more often if he was to complete the job on time.