Written by Jayne

7 Jan 2004

Our party was held at a local hotel this year and as always partners are not invited.I always tell hubby that this is company policy but really its because i work with a load of dirty slags who are always on the lookout for some big cock to fuck.

Anyway i dressed to kill with a really small black dress which was covering a seethrough black bra covering my 36 D's and a tiny see through lace g string which didnt even cover my pussy.I had my long blonde(not natural) hair straightened and put on probably a little bit too much make up which made me look really slutty.I met the girls in a bar in town and they all looked as if thay had made the effort too.We had a few drinks to loosen us up a bit and then made our way to the Hotel.The disco was in full swing and it appeared that there was more than our party already there.

As we were dancing this huge black guy came up to me and asked if he could have a word ,i told him that he could have whatever he wanted, to a huge cheer from my workmates and calls of "go on get his big black cock out"

The guy introduced himself as Everton and that he was in charge of the door tonight.He told me that he had been watching me and my mates and asked me if i would have a drink with him later.I told him of course i would and stood on tiptoes (im only 5ft 4in ) and kissed him on the cheek.As i moved away he reached out and put his hand straight up my dress and felt my arse.i turned around and smiled and lifted my dress up and showed him my cunt through my knickers. As the night went on myself and the girls got a lot of attention from the men at the party and one by one they partnered off with them.as i was dancing with one guy Everton came back up to us and said to him "Fuck off white boy she 's not interested in that shrivelled white cock of yours"Everton was huge about 6ft 5ins tall and built like a brick shithouse and this guy absolutely shit himself.I meanwhile was turned on like anything by his behaviour and my pussy was soaking.Everton took hold of me and virtually dragged me out of the room telling the other black doormen that he had some business to attend to .He took me into a room and laid me on a table he pulled up my dress and pulled my g string to one side revealing my totally hairless little white cunt.Straight away he went down on me licking and sucking My cunt was soaked and came about 3 times in no time.Everton then took my dress off and i removed my knickers and bra standing there totally naked except for my wedding ring and my shoes.He pushed me back on the table and asked me what i wanted "Your big black fuckin cock up my white hole" i replied.With that he stripped of his suit and shirt and pulled off his boxers to reveal a huge thick 12 inch cock.

He offered it to my mouth and i started to suck it i looked in the mirror on the wall and saw me , a total slag ,stark naked legs wide apart, sucking a huge black cock if oHi let me tell you what happened to me on my christmas party this year.My husband doesn't know i don't think he would be too happy if he did!!!!

I went back to the girls and they wanted to know what he had said.i told them that he wanted to fuck me and that i was going to have his big black cock later.

nly my husband could see me know !!!Any way fuck him i thought, i want some of this black cock up my pussy.I turned around and Everton lay on the table his huge black cock sticking up like a flag pole.I slowly lowered my shaved cunt down onto his cock with my back to him ,facing the door we had come in .As i got it all the way in i came again squirting my white cum all over his black cock.At this the door opened and another black doorman stood in the door way with 2 of my friends from work next to him."you fuckin slag Jayne one of them said" "Fuckin right mate look at the size of him" I replied showing them Everton's cock up my cunt "go and get some of your own i told them and with this the door closed and i carried on fucking this huge thick black cock.Everton must have fucked me for about an hour and i came about 7 or 8 times before he pulled out and shot loads of black cum all over my massive tits and in my mouth.We had a cigarette and then i sucked him back to life before sticking his cock in my cunt agaain.This time he fucked me like a man possesed throwing me all over the room and calling me names.I especially loved it when he was bad mouthing my husband calling him a wanker and a white piece of shit with a tiny cock.Everton then tensed and roared that he was cumming i held him in me and shouted "Fuck me you wog!! fill me with black mans cum make me fuckin pregnant!!" and fill me he did until it was dripping out of my pussy.I eventually got my dress back on and got a taxi back home.It was now 5am and my husband was fast asleep.I got into bed and felt the spunk dripping down my legs i reached into my bedside drawer and got out my huge black vibrator and shoved it straight up my cunt and brought myself to a shuddering climax thinking about Evertons huge cock.Now thats what i call a Christmas party!!!!!!!!!!