Written by twizzy

18 Mar 2005

After Tim & I broke up, I took a week’s holiday in Tunisia. I needed it.

It was out of season, so I got a good rate, and there were not many people there.

But the hotel was luxurious, the weather fabulous, and I chilled out most days by the pool.

The pool attendant was a black guy, and I quickly noticed that he had a fabulous body - dark, muscular, toned, and glistening in the sun like burnished ebony. I had never had a black guy before, though I knew their reputation for size and strength – something my girlfriends and I had often fantasized about. So I was intrigued.

On my first day, he came over to say hello, as I was the only sun-worshipper by the pool. He wore just a tee and shorts which covered - but did not conceal - a well-packed lunch-box. His smile was more than friendly, and I could see that he fancied me. So the next day I decided to give him a treat. With me, I had a tiny pink thong bikini I had bought on the Riviera that barely covered the necessary. Well oiled up to protect my skin (and also to make my body gleam in the sun!), I lay on the lounger by the pool, face down, tanning my back, with my bra straps undone. Again, I was alone. When I saw him at the far end of the pool, I shifted round to toast my other side – topless. After all, this was France!

Behind my sunglasses, I could see him steal sideways looks at me, obviously attracted by my pouting pink breasts and dark brown nipples. Then he got out the pool vacuum and began to clean the bottom, slowly working his way towards me.

I pretended not to notice. But I made sure that I stretched and moved to show off my body to best advantage. Soon he was at the poolside beside my lounger. When he spoke to me, I stood up to greet him. His eyes widened and he exclaimed “Wow” when he saw just how little I was wearing, my naked breasts thrusting up and forward, my bum cheeks bare. Only a tiny pink triangle covered my crotch, with a few curly hairs peeking out of the top. Immediately his shorts tented up with his erection, and he stammered how beautiful I was. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment, and said that he, too, had a splendid body. As we chatted, he commiserated with me that it was a bit lonely being in the hotel out of season and on my own, but there was an excellent night club in the nearby town – would I like to go? Well. Almost anything was better than another boring evening in an almost empty hotel.

So that evening we set off to town on his scooter. The “nightclub” was basic, but there were quite a number of people there, most of whom I assumed were locals. The disco, though, was really good, and Kini ( for that was his name) proved an excellent dancer - a great mover. The evening flew by, midnight came quickly, and then a few slow and sexy dances before the club closed. Kini held me tight, moulding me into his hard body, his hands caressing my bum as his lips sought mine. He could clearly feel my naked cheeks as I was wearing just a tiny thong underneath my mini,. His penis hardened and grew, pressing solid against my willing body. I rubbed against him, letting him know how much I was enjoying his cock, then put my hand down between us and gave it an encouraging squeeze through his jeans to let him know that he was on. I hadn’t had sex for several weeks, and missed it badly. Now I wanted it!

On the way back home, the road ran alongside the beach. It was a warm moonlit night, and we were still hot from the dance. Kini suggested a cool-off swim, so we ran down the beach, stripped off and plunged naked into the sea.

Kini’s body shone in the moonlight, black, burnished and beautifully sculpted. He admired me too, holding me at arms length to see my bright eyes, my hair wet and tousled, my breasts firm and pointed, a Venus ready for love. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me, and I felt a strong hard cock bury against my naked stomach. He stooped and kissed my breasts, sucking the water drops from nipples hardened by the cool sea.

We ran back to the scooter, and Kini found a towel in the pannier. This was perhaps a sign that he had probably skinny dipped like this before with other girls, but I didn’t care; I was his tonight, and I wanted him badly. He knelt before me, and began to dry me. As he worked down from my face to my body to my legs, he stroked and kissed me – my mouth, my breasts, my pussy. He was firm but very gentle, and he knew just how to use his tongue to excite. He parted my cunt lips, then slowly ran his teasing tongue up to my swollen clit, sucking and tonguing it as my excitement mounted and my juice began to flow.

Then it was now his turn, so I took the towel and slowly and carefully dried him. His naked black body looked so beautiful - strong and muscular, young and sexy. He had a gorgeous bum – slim, taut, and firm, and below his strong six-pack, his penis was hard and thrusting. I took time and care to dry it!

First I kissed it lightly, then slowly sucked it into my mouth, right to the back of my throat, all the while moving my tongue against its sensitive underside. He smelt and tasted raw, sexy, and animal - a good 15cm long and 3 cm thick, black and ridged with a little pink eye that winked at me. Kini was huge – I’d never seen a cock so big! His hands were now behind my head, pulling me to him as I sucked and teased his cock with my mouth, all the while stroking his balls with my fingers.

As our excitement mounted, I could sense that he was not far off orgasm. So I lay down on the towel, opened my legs, and pulled him on top of me. I was already sopping wet with desire, and despite his huge size he slid inside me easily. I expected him to hump me quickly and climax, but instead he moved slowly and deliberately, tantalising me by withdrawing until just the tip of his penis was inside me, then just as slowly - ever so slowly - thrusting back deep inside me. He was delaying orgasm so that we could enjoy it together! I could feel every ridge of his thick cock as he drove it into me, every vibration of his hot penis as be brushed against my clit. I clutched his naked bum, pulled it towards me, arched my back to take him deeper, squeezed my cunt to grip him tighter. I could hold out no longer - I cried out with ecstasy as my whole body juddered with one of the best orgasms I have ever had! He didn’t stop, but continued to fuck me - faster now, with increasing urgency. One climax followed another – it was almost too much for me. Then he came too, in a series of violent judders, and I felt his hot sperm jet deep inside me. This was sudden, raw passion – pure animal lust. We should have used a condom, of course, but we were swept up in the excitement. Just as well I was still on the pill!

Finally he rolled off me on to his side, and a pungent smell of hot sex wafted up between us. I thanked him with a deep and wet kiss, and then slid down his body and drank the white cum that flecked his black cock and oozed from its pink tip. It tasted so good, and I shared it with him.

That night, he came back to my room, we shared a shower, and then slept together. Several times during the night, and again in the morning we awoke to make love again. He was gorgeous - an adventurous lover, and we enjoyed sex every which way – 69, doggie, the lot! Kini had no fetishes, and neither of us was into bum fucking – just deep cunt, and as often as possible!

For the rest of my holiday, he was hard at work by the pool during the day and hard at play in my bed at night. On a couple of occasions during the day, I felt randy and seduced him in the shed where he kept his pool maintenance items, but he was always scared of getting caught “on the job”, which would mean that he would lose his. The best sex was definitely at night!

The day that I left to fly back home, he asked me where I lived. But I knew that this was just a holiday romance, and there was no future in our relationship - I just wanted his beautiful body. The address and phone I gave him was false, so if ever Kini turns up on your doorstep, invite him in – all 15cm. You’ll enjoy it! It’s Black Magic!