Written by Davy0151

3 Apr 2006

Late last year I posted an ad in SH looking for a cock to suck. After a couple of timewasters a guy called Paul said he was interested & we arranged to meet in a car park one night. Paul pulled up and I was surprised and delighted to see a slightly older mixed race guy in denims, not too bad looking either. After a quick chat he said to follow him in the car to a house his son was in the middle of renovating. Five minutes later I was climbing the stairs in a seedy terrace in front of a guy who’s dick I was about to have in my mouth and I was terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

I’m 40, 6’, married, average build and for the last 20 years I’ve enjoyed a normal heterosexual sex life, with some extraordinary bits too. But I sucked a guy’s dick when I was 20 once, a whole other story, but it had always been in the back of my mind to have a go again. Over the last few years I’d got into wanking whilst wearing hold up stockings and knickers, and often fingered my arse and wondered what it would be like to be properly fucked there. I was wearing black lacy knickers and black hold ups under my trousers when I met Paul that night. We went into a bare room on the first floor with just a lamp and a sofa. We sat down on the sofa and made small talk. He said he was married but liked bi games too and had some experience but none recently like me.

I thought it was about time to make a move so I said “let’s see this cock of yours then.” He unbuttoned his belt and pulled down his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any undies and I got my first sight of his gorgeous cock. Paul’s skin was coffee coloured but his cock was a dark brown with a slightly lighter helmet. I reached out and began to slowly wank him. His cock was hot in my hand and very quickly grew hard to about 7”. I kneeled down in front of him and started licking up and down his shaft then took him in my mouth. I let it go right to the back of my throat until I started gagging, I pulled my head back but he thrust his hips a couple of times then he groaned and I looked up into his eyes but his face was twisted with pleasure and I thought he was going to come. I could taste his precum and his cock seemed to swell in my mouth but he took it out and said “not yet, lick my balls”. I cupped his big brown balls in my hand then started licking them. He shifted position and it was obvious he wanted me to go lower. As he wanked himself I worked my way down towards his arse licking and nibbling the skin between his arse and balls and traced around the rim of his arsehole with my finger

Suddenly he sat up, grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock towards my mouth, it was about half way in when the first wad of spunk hit the back of my mouth, followed by two more. I’d already made up my mind I wanted to swallow if I got lucky and so I chugged it all down and licked the end of his lovely black cock clean. The taste in my mouth wasn’t too bad and I swear I could feel his hot spunk as it slipped down to my stomach.

Paul sat there for a bit then said he’d have to make a move soon to stop his missus getting suspicious. We got our stuff together and said we should do this again. As I sat in the car I was aware that I was wet in my knickers. I had a quick look and I must have come at some point because there was spunk all over the place.

I exchanged a few emails with Paul over the next couple of weeks and told him how I’d enjoyed him fucking my face, about the undies and that I’d like a safe fuck if he was up for it.

That Friday night I arranged to meet Paul at the same house. I’d made a bit more effort this time. I’d given myself an enema to flush out anything too shitty (it was quite a pleasurable experience as it happens) and wore a large butt plug with loads of lube for a couple of hours before I went out. I’d shaved right round my cock balls and arse and squirted around my crotch and arse some of my girlfriends Chanel. Under my men’s clothes I was wearing tan holdups, little white lacy knickers a short velvet skirt and a pink tee shirt. It was hardly convincing but it was enough to get me feeling randy as fuck as I went up the stairs to the room with Paul again. This time as soon as he was in I took of my coat, trousers and shoes and stood there with my stocking tops showing below the skirt. “Fucking wow” said Paul. I undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. His lovely black cock sprang out and I immediately popped it in my mouth and worked it until it was rock hard. Then I reached into my bag and pulled out a condom and some lube. As he rolled the condom on I fingered a generous amount of lube into my arse with two fingers then kneeled in front of the couch and pulled my knickers to one side.

For a few seconds it went quiet. Paul was obviously taking in the view of me on my knees, skirt pulled up, knickers to one side with my glistening arse ready for action. Then I heard him kneel behind me and I felt him rub his cock up and down my crack looking for the right angle. I’d fantasized about my first time being gentle at first, building up to full penetration, that’s how a lot of these stories on here seem to go but Paul had other ideas. As soon as he found the right place he thrust his hips hard into me. I shouted with pain but he just thrust harder a couple of times then settled into a jackhammer rhythm. There was all sorts going through my mind. I was getting totally dominated by this black cock which was brutally fucking me, he tugged at my stockings and ripped them then pulled out of my arse suddenly. He took off the condom, sat on the sofa and pulled my head onto his cock. A few minutes of sucking and he exploded in my mouth again. I swallowed half of it then coughed the rest up and it ran down my chin and tee shirt.

I’d started to get hard and Paul told me to lay back, pulled my knickers down and started to wank me. A few minutes of fast dry tossing and I’d come all over my stocking tops. He scooped it up and started working it into my arse with his fingers. It felt great, he had three fingers right up me and moved round to put his hardening cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long before he was rigid again. He then climbed between my sticky stocking legs and as I felt his cock pushing against my now stretched arse I realised that he was trying to bareback fuck me. I soon pushed him off me but let him put another condom on and he pushed my knees towards my chest and fucked me in the position that I love doing my girlfriend. This time he took a bit more time, is strokes were slower and it felt amazing to be full of his black cock. Two hard thrusts and he was filling the rubber with his hot seed.

I ached for days after this session and haven’t had the pleasure since then but I think I’m going to give Paul a shout soon as I feel a need to be filled with black meat.