Written by virginiaswaters

5 Aug 2003

Bored, on one of our many nights in, my husband, his sister and her husband began thinking of a game to play one night, rather than watch one on the television .

We came up with the idea of 'Blind Mans Buff', you know, the game where you guess by feel.

First, my hubby, Dave would have to come and find anyone of us four in any room in the flat (it was only small). The first person he found, was me. He could be quite jealous, so I made sure I was his first. He ripped my wrap around mini skirt off and slowly caressed my bottom cheeks with both his hands, pulling me, into him. I felt him, hard. His hand then came round to my pussy, he grabbed it and then parted my swollen lips, stroking my clit and feeling it grow. Dave went down and licked my now hard clit. I moaned with joy as he stood back up and thrust his fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I held back, just, from coming because I knew there was much more fun to come and although I come easily, this was special and I wanted to keep it.

Dave whispered in my ear to be quiet, otherwise Al would find us. I came instantly. His cock found its way inside me and Dave fucked me, pumping really hard. Dave was fucking me all the harder for daring to come so quickly on mentioning Al's name.

Dave and I had never done anything like this before, whilst in the company of others, especially family, although, there was a family secret that both Dave and I shared. A real fantasy whereby Al, Dave's brother-in-law wanted to fuck me with Dave in a threesome. Dave knew I fancied Al badly and would often make me come (as he had just done) while he was fucking me, by just saying that he would get Al to fuck me with him one night.........soon.

Blindfolded then, we were all back in the lounge.

Dave and Al's wife, Deborah (Dave's sister, don't forget!) stayed in the lounge watching "Life On Earth", whilst I had to go and find Al. My stomache was churning so much. I was so turned on by this but, scared shitless at the same time. This combination made it scintillating and I knew I wanted to find Al...... fast.

I couldn't believe it when I looked (felt) in every room but, to no avail. He wasn't anywhere. I was surpised at how low my heart sank.

I assumed he'd done a runner and was about to take my blindfold off and open the bedroom door when Al made it obvious that he was there. He had been standing behind the bedroom door as I'd gone in and hadn't moved, until now. Al took my hand off the door handle and placed it on his very hard cock. I groaned with pleasure and relief at finding him and my tongue licked his slightly parted lips and entered his mouth. I could barely contain myself.

Time was running out. I'd taken so long to find him, I was worried the others would follow and find us.

Al seemed to need me just as much as I needed him. We had been two years, aching to get into each other, without a word being spoken. I unzipped his bulging trousers and released the might that was within. I'd been told of his, shall we say, luxurious package and I wasn't disappointed. As I was sucking him hard, he stood me up, "I have to fuck you" he said. "If we're quick, they won't know" he pleaded. He looked at me and said, "I have wanted to do this for so long". "So have I baby, you know I have", I said. He laid me down and kissed my breasts, staying, tantalisingly, just clear of my nipples. I thought I was going to explode. He then gently bit each nipple and sucked longingly on them. His fingers were playing beautifully with my pussy. He had found nothing but my dripping wet cunt underneath my skirt. He wound hard against my body, with his. Our joint groaning increasing in volume. My legs opened wide for him to come inside me. He directed his cock at my clit and drew it hard over my clit, rubbing up and down, until I begged him to come inside me. He thrust into me with such force, fucking me so hard that we both came too soon. We both agreed this could not be the first and last time.

We could hear footsteps pounding through the lounge and into the kitchen. "Quick, Al, they're coming; Oh my God" I said. As we ran to the door, Al told me to organise a threesome with Dave. "Ok" I said, "Iwill. I must have you again".

As we started opening the door Al whispered in my ear from behind "And I've got to have you again". And with that his hand came up from behind me and squeezed my breasts. He clasped my face in his hands and kissed me gently, saying "Next week!".