Written by funguy

13 Nov 2006

I had arranged to meet a girlfriend at hers for some hot fun,she had organised another guy to join us later. I arrived at hers to be greeted by Jenny wearing a PVC Basque (struggling to contain her huge boobs) with matching gloves.

We kissed briefly as she blindfolded then cuffed me. She led me into the lounge and made me lean over the couch, I could not see a thing, as I felt my jeans being unzipped and pulled down then my pants were removed to reveal my very hard and precum dripping cock.I stepped out of my underwear and my legs were immediately spread apart, still leaning over the couch

I then felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart then a hot tongue inserted into my ass. I gasped as it found its mark. I then felt my balls being caressed and a hot mouth enveloped my cocks as my ass tonguing continued. Obviously our friend had arrived before me!!

At this point I had no idea who was doing what to me but truly didn’t care as I let the dual sensations wash over me.

I then had my blindfold removed to see I was being sucked by Graham who was naked sporting the hardest cock I had seen for a long time and it was Jenny who had her tongue halfway up my ass.

I was almost coming so begged them to stop I had my eye on getting some of Grahams cock.I stood before him facing him our cocks rubbed and bounced off each other I grabbed them both and wanked them together their juices mingling and lubing them as I wanked.

Jenny got on her knees and watched offering her mouth to be filled with 2 cocks. I stuffed both in her open mouth and couldn’t believe how hot her mouth felt wrapped around both cocks her lips stretched to bursting trying to fit them both in. She sucked and licked both at once gagging on them as she forced them down her throat.

She then made Graham lie on the floor face up with his cock pointing at the ceiling she got on top and lowered her soaking cunt onto his face grinding herself over his tongue before taking his cock into her mouth.

She slowly sucked him whilst grinding I could hear Grahams muffled cries as she rode his face.

I approached and offered her my cock too, which she sucked but had other plans for.She fingered Grahams ass as she sucked him then grabbed my cock and eased it between his cheeks she rubbed my cock around his ass lubing it with her fingers and mouth, then demanded I fuck him I slipped my cock right up him hard n fast then held it in him.

He screamed, I think, but as she had him tight between her thighs it was more of a muffled groan.

“Fuck him” she demanded I started to fuck him as she continued to suck and ride him

He was so tight I knew it wouldn’t last long I started to cum pumping his ass full of cream as Jenny sucked faster n harder on his cock.

We all came together his spunk shooting down Jenny’s throat mine up his ass.

We collapsed twitching and gasping well n truly fucked.

Let me know if you enjoyed as that was just the beginning