Written by John

13 Jan 2005

I just thought I’d share with you the story of our new years eve. What was going to be a boring and quiet new years eve turned into an unexpected threesome with a stranger.

Jo, my wife is in her late thirties and has for the past couple of years or so become obsessed with sex. She is always telling me how she loves cock so much, both sucking and fucking it. We often share fantasies about having someone else involved in our sessions but so it’s not happened (except from the time when she fucked a stranger in the toilets of a London club we were at). I know I’m biased but I think she Jo has a fantastic fit body with gorgeous tits and a neatly trimmed fanny that’s always warm, wet and ready to be fucked. I know that I’m a lucky bloke who can have sex whenever he wants but I’m also aware that it doesn’t matter how often I fuck her she always ready for more.

This new year we couldn’t get a babysitter for the kids, my mother who usually has them for us was off out herself – how inconsiderate!. So instead we’d arranged to spend the evening with friends at their house. The evening was pleasant enough but not exactly exciting. The kids became tired and wanted to go to bed so our friends said that they may as well stay at theirs for the night as it would save them having to be woken up for the walk home and an added bonus was that we would get a lay-in in the morning.

Just after 2am we made our excuses and decided to stagger off home. We live about a 15 minutes walk away across the other side of the town centre, which hosts a fair few nightclubs and pubs. Half way back we thought we would have a sit down and rest in this little public garden, which is close to the town centre as the weather was so mild. We were in no rush to get home so it was nice to sit, have a drink (we’d taken a couple of cans with us) and watch the new year revellers walk drunkenly by.

The garden is very dark and although we could see others walking past we were invisible to them. Jo loves sex outside so it wasn’t long before she’d unzipped my jeans and taken my cock in her mouth. I just love the way she gives head, she really does take pride in how she does it and it is obvious that she’s enjoying herself at the same time. It was lovely sitting there with Jo’s warm mouth sliding up and down the length of my hard cock. Then all of a sudden into the garden came this guy, heading straight for the bench we were sitting. I quickly pulled Jo’s head from my cock and pulled my coat over my cock to hide it. The guy was nearly upon us before he realise we were there.

“Oh shit, sorry, sorry. I didn’t see you there, sorry. I was just looking for somewhere to er, er, Well to be honest I was looking for somewhere to have a quick piss and a sit down. I’ll leave you alone, sorry again. By the way Happy new year to you.”

The poor bloke was clearly embarrassed about having stumbled in on us even though he hadn’t actually caught doing anything.

“Happy new year to you to. Don’t be daft, answer natures call and come and sit down.” Replied Jo moving up the bench to allow room for him to down next to her.

After nipping into the bushes he came and sat and we all chatted away happily, even though I was conscious that my cock was still out hidden under my coat. His name was James and was on his way home from a club, he had just left all his mates as they lived in the other direction. He was 27 and had that trendy scruffy look that Jo loves, she can’t stand that over smart and lots of jewellery ‘poncy’ look – as she calls it.

We sat having a laugh together sharing a can of beer the tone gradually became more flirtatious. James was saying that he’d had a great night out but hadn’t managed to pull anyone so wasn’t able to see the new year in with a bang so to speak. He hammed it up a bit saying that he hadn’t even had a single new years kiss and that he was considering becoming a monk as he clearly was destined for a life of celibacy.

All the time Jo had her hand under my coat and was gently wanking me off, she then squeezed it hard. I turned to look at her and I realised that she wanted to catch my eye and that was the best way of doing it! In that one look I knew she wanted to have this guy and was seeking my permission, I gave a little smile and a slight nod. She must have also felt the extra swelling in my cock as she wanked me, which told her I was happy for it to happen.

“Well we can’t have you going home without at least having a small kiss can we. John do you mind if I give this young man a peck on the lips?” Said Jo in her most theatrical ‘lovely’ voice.

“Not at all my dear but you’ll have excuse me as I’ve got to nip off into the bushes as nature is calling. James, dear boy, I trust I can leave my good lady wife in your safe hands whist I’m gone?” I replied in my best posh accent.

With that Jo gave a little laugh, snuggled into James, took his arm and put it around her shoulders. I was up and off to the bushes. I really did need a wee due to all the beer I’d drunk but also I wanted to give them a couple of minutes alone. From the bushes I could see Jo pull his head to hers and they began to kiss deeply, this was no small peck on the lips. I finished my piss but stayed there watching them kiss. I was amazed at how turned on by this I was and how hard my cock was becoming again. They seemed to becoming more and more engrossed with each other, Jo’s hand began to move up James’ leg to his crotch where she began to massage it on the outside of his trousers. I’d seen her kiss a couple of guys before but never any more, I was getting more turned on by the moment and I found myself standing there with my own cock in my hand wanking it. James then slid his hand inside Jo’s coat where he must have been feeling her tits, I couldn’t see from where I was standing but my mind was doing cartwheels imagining what was happening.

I was tempted to just stand and watch for a while longer to see how much further it would go but I also knew that I wouldn’t be forgiven if I didn’t go back so Jo could have 2 men at the same time. So I stepped back out of the bushes and headed back towards them.

“That’s a very odd looking peck of a kiss if you ask me” I said jokingly as I approached them.

James nearly jumped out of his skin in fright.

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself and we got carried away.”

“Oh come and sit down. He was only doing what you said and look where his safe hands have been.” Jo laughed as she pulled open her coat with one hand to reveal an exposed tit. Her other hand was still rubbing the crotch of his trousers.

“Nice work.” I said to James whilst smiling, I bent down and gave her nipple a little suck before coming up and saying “You should try that, it’s lovely.”

Well I reckon that’s when he really got the message because his head went straight down and he begun to suck greedily on her hard nipple. Jo and I smiled at each other above the head, which was attached to one of Jo’s tits. I then lent across and kissed Jo, her tongue felt great in my mouth knowing that it had been in James’ just moments before.

James finally removed himself from Jo’s tit, Jo began to fumble with the buttons on James’ fly but was not getting very far. Jo told him to stand up in front of her and help with his trousers, he didn’t need telling twice. Out sprang his cock, which although only a little longer than my own was much wider. Jo’s eyes widened in delight as she took it in her mouth. She always said that she preferred width to length and she was certainly getting it here. It was so strange and yet so exciting to have my wife’s face next to mine with a big fat cock begin pushed in and out of here grateful mouth., whilst at the same time one of her hands was still wanking me off.

“Stand up here next to James, I want to suck both of your cocks at the same time.” Jo commanded.

There I stood shoulder to shoulder with James as Jo had a cock in each hand. She would move her head back and forwards between us licking and sucking. She then pulled our cocks in tight together so our cocks actually touched, which was a first for me as I’d never felt another man’s cock at all. She tried to fit both cocks in her mouth but James’ was just so wide that it wasn’t possible so she held them together and ran her tongue from one to the other. She began to suck one whilst rubbing the other one across her face in a real display of dirtiness, all the time maintaining eye conntact with whoever owned the cock she was sucking at the time. She was putting on a good show and she knew it.

It felt so fantastic that I was in danger of cumming, Jo said in that case I should occupy myself some other way and she turned and lay on her back on the bench. I began to remove her jeans as she continued to suck happily on James’ cock. As my hand went to her knickers I could feel that they soaking wet where she was so excited. I quickly went down on her with my tongue flicking at her clit, I began to finger fuck her first with one and then two fingers. Even though she had a mouthful of cock she was moaning loudly and it wasn’t long before her body began to buck and arch as she reached her first climax.

She pulled my head up and kissed me hard on the mouth.

“Now I want James to fuck me.”

She reached into her handbag and took out a condom. We always carry some with us ‘just in case’. She put it in her mouth and put it on him in a very stylish manner using her mouth. She turned onto all fours and told James to fuck her hard from behind. She gasped and then smiled broadly as his broad cock entered her. She began to suck my cock at the same time. Both James and I were playing with a tit each. I wet a finger , lent across and slipped it up her arse. Jo loves anal sex so I knew me doing that to her then would send her wild, it was so strange begin able to feel another mans cock inside her and I could tell she was enjoying it. James was pumping away hard like he’d been told to do, I could tell that he was close to cumming by the look on his face. Jo began to thrash about and had her second orgasm which was quickly followed by a couple of extra large thrusts before James exploded inside her. It was all to much for me and I couldn’t help it but to cum as well. Jo drank my cum hungrily, when James withdrew she removed the condom and cleaned his cock of cum with her mouth.

After that we rearranged our clothes shared another drink before Jo and James swapped mobile numbers. We then continued on home. We just about made it through our door before we were at each other again. We fucked twice more before finally giving up and going to sleep.

Jo doesn’t know that I’m writing this but I know that she’ll find it a terrific turn on that I have. If you enjoyed reading it let us know, it’s always nice to have a bit of feedback.