Written by Happyworker

28 Jun 2006

Our firm had arranged a team building conference in

Birmingham for a couple of days and I was told before we set off that I had to share a room with John our boss who was in his late 50's and since I joined he was always coming up behind me and leaning across me or sometimes touching my shoulders when he showed me somthing on the computer and how something should be entered onto the database.We arrived around 5.30 and when we arived at the reception desk to get our room keys John said we would all meet down in the bar at 7.00 and I walked off to my room and John told me to cheer up and I plopped my case down and lay on the bed and John did the same but he then began to undress and was soon starkers walking into the bathroom and he came back saying how big the shower was and my eyes were drawn to his cock swinging between his legs with his hairy balls so I got off the bed and had a look and he asked if I wanted to share the shower so I stripped off and we were soon getting soaked and John began to soap my back and I soon felt his hard cock against my leg and he moved closer and pulled me towards him and began to say how he had often wanted to touch me and I pulled away saying no man had ever touched me and he ran his hands down to my cock and began to wank it and it was soon rock hard and he dropped to his knees to engulf the head and he was soon sucking it deep into his mouth I nearly fainted but pushed his head down so he got more of my cock inside his mouth and he looked up and winked as he let me fuck his mouth I knew I wouldn't last long and sure enough I spilled my juice and he swallowed it all as he squeezed my balls.We carried on washing and then went down to join the others,but when we came back John really opened up.

I will post next bit real soon.