Written by Catherine

13 Mar 2004

I have a great sex life with my husband, he is a kind and considerate lover. I love him dearly but 3 months ago I got a bit drunk at our office party and gave my boss a blowjob in the gents toilet. It felt fantastic to be on my knees and having my mouth fucked by him, my husband would never treat me like that.

The following week at work he called me into his office, and shut the door. He just told me to reenact the night of the party, I couldn`t help myself and just fell to my knees and took out his cock and sucked greedily, whilst fingering myself until he came.

He just dismissed me and carried on with his work. This carried on for a week and I can`t explain why but I was loving the uncaring way he was treating me.

The following week he called me into the office and I prepared to give him his usual BJ, I was soaking down below just thinking about the humiliation to come. He surprised me by grabbing me roughly and turning me around. He lifted my skirt over my bum, pushed me towards his desk and pulled my soaking knickers to one side,all in one smooth movement. I braced myself against the desk as he started to enter me.

I was loving it, and moaning loudly, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. As he filled me with his spunk I collapsed to my knees and he left the room, leaving me to gather myself together.I absolutely adore the way he treats me, it is so different to what I`m used to at home. He has recently started to make me send him emails, begging him to fuck me, I finger myself while I type them, it is so horny.

He wants me to start emailing other guys in the office building, to ask them for sex, it seems so wrong but I know I can`t resist for much longer and I will soon be used by the other guys that he chooses for me.