Written by terry/catherine

4 May 2004

another story of terry and catherines exploits..with our friend peter who we met at a dogging site .and brought him home..probably out of the cold winter nights...anyway.. we had sort of planned this evening..as we love the roleplay stuff..and peter is more than willing to help us.. and never oversteps the mark..on one of.our friday nights..cathy had apparently arranged for peter to visit.. she was dressed sexily in silky blouse flouncy gypsy skirt with frilly petticoats..and knee length leather boots...all in black!..with same colour seamed stockings and silky french knickers underneath..she had also dressed me similarly...i often cross dress when cathys in the mood.. like her but not in matching colours..she sat me in a hard chair.. and tied my hands tightly behind..and then blindfolded me...and then the fantasy night began....cathy poured herself a drink...and gave me a sip/wet kiss..just then the doorbell rang..now at this point i was in a panic.. imagining it was anyone from my friends to my in laws..cathy stroked my hard cock thru. my silky skirts.. and whispered..its ok ..ive asked a boyfriend round for a