Written by Linda

1 Oct 2004

I have been persuaded to write to you by a close friend to whom I recently confided a recent experience. I am a 44 year old divorcee, and have been told that I am attractive, fit, glamourous etc. I personally prefer to tell people that I 'scrub up well'

I work as regional manager for a Bristol based company and had to attend an all day meeting in Manchester. I decided to drive to Manchester and was asked by a friend if I could help her out by giving a lift to a couple of students who had to go Manchester for the day to enroll for university. They both lived in Bath so getting to Manchester provided a costly and difficult journey. I was to meet them both at the local station and drop them back there in the evening. Perfect and I was only too pleased to have some company on the long journey. I was sat in the station car park, on my mobile waiting for the lads, when a tap on the window jolted me. There were the lads - i expected a couple of spotty scruffy kids, instead I was almost stunned to see two 6ft plus, smart, well groomed rugby types. Anyway, Jason and Si introduced themselves and made them selves comfortable for the journey. They were pleasant lads and the journey seeemed to pass very quickly as we discussed their uni courses plus music, TV etc. I arranged to meet them at 5.30 outside Piccadilly station for the return journey and wished them well. The return journey was entirely differant as all the earlier formality went out of the window in a more relaxed atmosphere. They had obviously been waiting for me for a while because they had had the time for a few drinks and were a lot more forward and open in their conversation. In fact they were very forward as they asked me many searching questions about my likes and dislikes and many about my sex life which, I have to confess, has been pretty quiet since my divorce despite many offers. Im not that sort of girl!

Anyway,I found myself getting strangely turned by the questions and the interest shown in me by these two very hunky lads. When I asked them what they both fantacised about they both, without hesitation, replied older women.

I felt myslef flush a little and they both noticed this as they continued to probe with the questions and the innuendos. Then Si turned to me and aksed what my fantasy was so I shamelessly blurted out '2 men and me'By this time we were only about 20 mins away from Bristol and their drop off point so i felt safe but then Jason, who was sat behind me in the car unclipped his seat belt and moved forward, took out my head rest and draped his arms around me whilst gently kissing my neck. I was very flustered and told him to stop as I was trying to concentrate on my driving. Then Si started slowly rubbing my thigh and lifted my skirt so he could carress my fleshy thigh. My head was in turmoil as they both refused to stop. Si then slid a finger inside my panties and into my soaking wet hole making me shudder and swerve slightly which caused him to stop and tell me to concentrate. We were about 5 minutes from the station when Jason suggested we went to my place. By this point i just nodded dumbly and drove them to my house. As soon as we got inside the door they both proceded to kiss me and carress whilst removing my clothing leaving me stood in the lounge in just a pair of high heels. They backed me to the settee and gently lowered me backwards onto it. As i sat back one opened my legs and proceded to lick my pussy while the other stood behind and roughly mauled my breasts before taking them into his frenzied mouth. I came twice on a tongue before they both dropped their trousers and pants, pulled me up on all fours taking me in the mouth and from behind. They both seemed to cum at the same time as indeed I did too. For the next 45 minutes I was treated to the most fantastic shagging I have ever experienced cumming more in 45 mintues than I had in 21 years of marriage. I have since been to Bath to meet them both and they have suggested a couple of their other mates join us tomorrow night. I've bought some new lingerie and I'm definitely up for it. Quiet divorcee becomes a slut!!