Written by Saronikos

27 Dec 2005

I opened the hotel room door, and Margaret stepped into the room. I watched he bottom as she walked across he room, and as she turned I admired the soft roundness of her breasts beneath her jumper. Very nice she commented nervously and handed me her jacket.

We gazed deep into each others eyes, nervousness and expectation, stealing our voices. What do we do now, she asked quietly. Even though we both knew what we did now, we were both first timers and weren’t sure about how we broke the ice in such an intimate way as we had planned. I know it sounds silly, she said, bearing in mind why we are here, but I feel shy about taking my clothes off.

We were there because Margaret had answered an ad I had placed, seeking discrete sexual liaison with a mature woman. We had exchanged e-mails, and photographs and knew exactly what each other looked like naked. For her the soft sensuality of maturity had taken over from the raw sexuality of youth. Meeting her in the flesh, a curious phrase since we were both fully clothed and in a restaurant, she was lovelier than I had imagined. And now that we both wanted to meet in the flesh for real we were nervous. So I suggested the shower.

Margaret went into the bathroom, and after a few minutes I heard the shower running I took of my clothes, my cock hard, aroused and desperate to be. touched. I saw Margaret’s clothes folded neatly, as I entered the bathroom.. Ready for this, I asked, though it wasn’t a question. I pulled the shower curtain back a little, and stepped into the bath. My cock had started to soften, I was nervous too, but as soon as I saw Margaret’s naked body, from behind, I was stiffer and more erect than I could remember for quite a while.

You look beautiful, I said and she did. I picked up the soap and beginning with he shoulders started to soap her back, working my way down. Putting a hand under each buttock, both pleasantly rounded, I squeezed. Then I pulled her cheeks aside, imagining her kneeling in front of me, whilst I parted her buttocks to take her from behind. I imagine my cock entering her and the erotic feel of her bottom against my groin.

I ran a finger under her right buttock and then up between her cheeks. Her murmur as my finger stroked across her back door, spoke more of pleasure than shock. I ran both my hands up her sides and letting go soaped them heavily. Taking hold of her sides I ran my hands under her breasts and then up to cup them. I can sill remember the weight, the soft soapy roundness, her nipples hard against my palms. I wondered if she would take my cock and hold t between those soapy breasts. My forefingers and thumbs sought out her nipples and as I squeezed, I held myself against her. For the first time she felt my erect penis against her skin. She slipped a hand behind her and I shifted my hips back so she could grasp my cock. It felt so good, the slight awkwardness of her grip adding to the eroticism of the touch. She moved my cock till it was lying along the cleft between her buttocks. I like to feel it their, she said. And I pressed my body back against hers. My right hand slid down her belly and as it reached her bush, she lifted foot onto the side of the bath, opening herself to my hand. My fingers slid between her lips till I found her clit, and as I pushed my finger hard against it, I kissed her shoulder, my cock twitching against her bottom in excitement. We stayed like that for several minutes, my fingers exploring hr clit and then her pussy, gently slipping the end of two fingers inside her, whilst I continued kiss her neck and shoulder.

She put her foot down and turned around. Our lips met and we kissed deeply, our tongues seeking out each others tongues and mouth. My hands couldn’t get enough of her breasts as her fingers squeezed and delighted my cock. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked hard and gently bit it between my teeth. As my hand found her pussy, she pushed down on my shoulder and whispered, please. I sank to my knees as she once again put one onto the side of the bath. This time my tongue found her clit and pussy. Her hands were on my shoulders as she rocked against my mouth. My tongue trying to get deep inside her pussy, but the position we were in preventing me. Then she pulled me up, kissed me once n the mouth and smiling knelt down. As she took my cock in her mouth the pleasure was indescribable. Throughout the evening my cock had bingeing more and more excited, more and more wet. I hadn’t had oral for some time and this was just too much. I pulled out her mouth. That’s so wonderful, I said, and I’m so excited that I’ll come if you continue to do that. Margaret looked up, wouldn’t you like too? I closed my eyes, nodded and whispered mmm as Margaret’s mouth engulfed my cock. This time she wasn’t playing, as she sucked and slid her mouth along my shaft she took my balls in one hand and squeezed. I gave up all attempts at holding off an after about only 4 to 6 strokes of her mouth I came. I don’t think I have ever had an oral orgasm hat intense, this was a woman who had really wanted to do it, and it had made a huge difference. She continued to lick and suck me as I softened, giving m as much pleasure s she could.

Then se stood up and kissed me, the taste of my cum was still in her mouth. She held my head against hers and whispered in my ear, eat me. I started to kneel, but she stopped me. On the bed she whispered, you’ll be able to do much more. I went to get a towel. No time for that she gasped, as she stepped out of the bath and took a towelling robe. I realised that she was as desperate to come as I had been a few minutes ago. I followed her into the bedroom. She was sitting on the end of the bed, her legs apart, the white bath robe open around her. As I approached she lay back. I sank to my knees between her legs and pressed my mouth hard against her sex, feeling for her clit with my tongue. Remember she said, when you get aroused again your cock can go anywhere your tongue has been!