Written by Brenda G

17 Jan 2017

I love reading of other peoples stories - so I thought I would give you a different type of lifestyle.

I met Brian by sheer luck, I was in the middle of a ten minute walk from the supermarket, to my new one bed flat,

8 months pregnant, now in the middle of a massive downpour, I was getting very little shelter at the bus stop - when a car pulled up and to my great relief, it was a neighbour from across the hallway - "jump in he said" - I did not hesitate, I was so grateful. I am so sorry for getting your car so wet - no problem he said it will dry out in the garage.

Have you got a tumble dryer he said - No I haven't - well lets go straight into my place and get your clothes dry, - damm I do like this guy already I thought, use the bathroom to change he said and there is some lovely warm towelling dressing gowns in the airing cupboard - I never planned to take everything off - I just did - anyway tucked up in this big fluffy dressing gown, I went into the lounge - his flat was at least twice the size of mine, beautifully furnished and decorated.

I sat down and he asked what I would like to drink - how about a coffee with a small drop of brandy to warm you up - yes sounds great thank you.

My name is Brian he said and I am Brenda I replied

I sat the sofa, how far gone are you Brian asked- 8 months I said- and the father ? he asked, Brian I said I do not know who the father is - I was asked along to a party, and not having any experience of singles parties, I just accepted drinks and I found shortly I had been drugged,

I went there Friday night and managed to escape Saturday afternoon - I was a virgin when I went in and pregnant when I came out, I opened my heart to Brian, he put his arm round me and my problems did not seem so much being with him.

Brian said "can I be honest with you" of course I replied - I could not but notice your breasts are expressing quite a bit

and while some guys like legs or bums - I am a boobs man my self - a nice pair of nipples and what I call a nice handful"

"sorry he said am I being filthy minded - I went out with a woman from my office and three times a day we would slide away to the basement and I would get to suck and play with her boobs - It was my heaven.

I do not know why I was so quick to do it but I opened up the dressing gown and with both hands let my tits squirt milk towards Brian - have some I said, --It was the start of a wonderful night and half the next day, I had no real experience of sex, and Brian's cock was the first one I had ever felt.

Now to present time,I married Brian - it was his choice - I was happy just to be there, we have now 4 children and Brian gets his daily milk ration in bed, I have also been well trained what and how Brian likes his cock played with, I also suck him and some times I will try the deep throat- I actually get turned on when he cums in my mouth and I swallow, I then suck him dry, it took a bit of time before I could accept anal, but now well lubed to start with -I can take his full cock up my arse and feel his balls bouncing against me.

One lovely thing about Brian, he is gentle and paces his lovemaking - means I get to have multiple orgasms, and we change places and positions, my best fuck was on the kitchen table, Brian was game on-his cock was rock hard and I lost count over cumin 24 times - I had cum so much there was a puddle on the floor, also Brian likes going sheep - me on all fours and him up my bum or ramming my cunt with all his might - a bit rough - but it makes a change, he then is holding into my boobs or more so grabbing my nipples.

We went on a bus tour - it was half empty so we sat at the back and for devilment I wanked him then gave him a BJ.

I think I have found my ideal partner.