Written by John

3 Jan 2009

He arrived mid-evening and after a little small talk my wife said that she wanted to shower and went up to the bathroom. He and I took ourselves to the bedroom. We stripped off the duvet leaving just the bottom sheet then stripped ourselves and sat on the edge of the bed. I looked at him, admiring his athletic physique, well muscled, his skin glossy. His penis was pulsing gently as it pumped up to its full nine inches.

My wife entered the bedroom fresh from her shower and smelling lightly of perfume. She had a towel around her. Standing in front of him, her knees butting up to his, she dropped the towel to the floor. She stood before him naked, her proud breasts full and heavy yet not drooping, her dark areolae large, her nipples like small loganberries. He gazed in awe at her tits which had grown two cup-sizes since he last saw them, and as he stared tiny droplets of milk appeared at the tips of her nipples.

She raised her hands to hold her breasts, fingers underneath, palms at the side, thumb over the top leaving the nipples uncovered, and squeezed firmly. Numerous fine but powerful jets of milk shot out and covered his chest, shoulders, face and hair in small droplets of liquid. I watched the droplets, their whiteness emphasised against his ebony skin, as they coalesced and trickled down to his groin.

Very soon he put his arms behind her back and drew her to him burying his wet face in her cleavage. He turned his face to take a nipple into his mouth and sucked at the same time massaging her other breast with a hand. I saw the milk escaping from it and rather than waste it I put my mouth on that breast and sucked the nipple to the back of my mouth and drank greedily.

We both suckled her for a couple of minutes guzzling her milk down our throats and whilst we did this she moved her knees around his thighs and knelt on the bed. We stopped sucking as she pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his magnificent cock which was now fully erect, completely rigid and very thick. She lowered her cunt to him and the massive helmet started to enter her. I guessed that help would be required so I took the tube of KY from the bed-table and squeezed a good dollop into one hand. I took his prick with the other and pulled it out of her hole, then smeared gel onto the bell-end and shaft. The rest of the gel I rubbed into her labia and cunt; I then re-applied his cock to its target. Sure enough it now slid easily into her willing vagina but after it was half in she asked him to treat her carefully. After all, it was only just five months since she had given birth, and his cock was a good three inches longer and twice as thick as mine.

She carried on riding him with milk dribbling from her breasts onto his chest. Every now and then she would lower herself and rub her tits around on his chest which was wet and slippery from her. I could see that she was by now taking all but a couple of inches of his meat. He pulled her to him and rolled over so she was underneath. He took command of the action, pounding her strongly and as far as I could see she was taking all he had, and she was coming for the third or fourth time. As he started to speed up ready to come she asked him to “Put it in my tits” so he withdrew and moved up where she pushed her breasts over his cock and tit-wanked him with her milk-lubricated flesh until he came, shooting great wads of spunk over her chin and neck. I took advantage of her vacated hole and stuck my cock in – it slipped into her stretched pussy with no resistance, but I was so far gone that I came with only a few thrusts and before he had finished coming.

They were both in a terrible mess, covered in milk, semen and KY , so after a couple of minutes they went into the shower whilst I removed the soaked sheet from the bed and towelled dry the plastic under-sheet (necessary when a woman is breast-feeding and does not wish to wear a feeding-bra all night). I put a fresh sheet on the bed and joined them in the bathroom. By now he was erect again but my wife was exhausted and really only fit for sleep. So we dried her off and left her to rest, going downstairs in the nude carrying our clothes. Once in the living room I thought it only fair to release his tensions – he was still fully erect – so I gave him a blowjob before he left. I swallowed, but I was surprised that he could produce so much semen on a second cum. Then off he went for a couple of weeks before we had him back again.


Before she fell pregnant we had a few extra men in our relationship – no women after a few experiments as neither of us were comfortable with that, although extra cocks were fine, we both liked them as I’m soft-bi. The most regular threesome was with a friend I made at the gym. He was a couple of years older, fit and muscular and hung with an enormous todger and balls to match. My wife loved being serviced by him, although he was not really meant to cum inside her once she came off of the pill. Not that he minded that much because he was mad about her boobs, he could not get enough of them, and to be finished off between them was his idea of heaven

Anyway, when she fell we thought it best to put a temporary stop to our activities particularly bearing in mind the size of his cock. He came round a couple of times and enjoyed everything except for a good deep penetration – a few inches were all she could take – then later she was too tired to feel like it. For three months following the birth we were preoccupied with ourselves and the baby. But once we started getting some sleep overnight we soon felt like some more activity, so I asked him to visit for an evening. I did not mention the lactation but I guessed the state of her breasts would drive him wild.

The day after our first child was born I visited my wife in hospital. I was amazed by the state of her breasts. These are naturally full and soft, but had enlarged during her pregnancy and now they really did resemble two large half-melons stuck on her chest. They were heavy and very firm to touch - but unfortunately very tender. What a thing to remember, though. Move over, Jordan.

By the time she came out of hospital the tenderness had mostly gone, and they were now a little softer - but still huge. Very round, and firm enough to stand up by themselves with no support despite their weight. Huge nipples and aureoles, both of which were a dark brown instead of their usual pink. She was feeding the baby herself so the milk was coming "on flow" very nicely. She was soon providing enough to satisfy our son with plenty left over for me.

Of course, in the first six weeks screwing is not advisable, so she'd give me a tit-fuck generously lubricated with her milk. She'd milk herself over my prick and balls, and then hold her breasts together from the sides to ensure my penis was held tight. In no time at all my spunk would be adding to the wetness between us.

Another game was for her to straddle me and squirt her warm milk, an opalescent, opaque fluid with a faintly bluish tinge, over my chest, stomach and groin. I loved the feel of the fine jets of her milk hitting my body. Then she would rub her dangling mams all over me; and if I'd not come after five minutes (unusual) she'd finish me off with a wank or a blowjob.

I adored the distinctive taste of her milk, and the way that the fine powerful spray would hit the back of my throat when I milked her into my mouth. Sometimes I'd milk her into a tumbler and drink the results. Delicious! If I were feeling wasteful I would see how far her milk would squirt. I could get it to hit the wall at the other side of the room. After three or four weeks there was plenty of milk to spare for my activities. The clever thing is, that the amount of milk produced increases to satisfy the demand as the child grows, or if there is a multiple birth, so I had all I wanted simply by milking her dry once or twice (or more) every day, after she had fed the baby.

All through this time she had to wear a feeding bra with plenty of absorbent pads when we were out or had company. I only had to touch her sexily or for the baby to cry as feeding time approached for the leaking to start. After she had got accustomed to their extra weight, when we were on our own she'd often just wear a T-shirt or cotton vest with no bra, and she would soon have two large wet patches over her nipples. She'd have to change her top and wash several times a day.

After ten months she stopped feeding the lad and despite my best efforts the supply dried up. In any case, by that time she'd had enough of wearing a wet bra all the time. So I had to wait until our second, and then third child was born for repeat performances.

Sadly, we've completed our family, so I shall never have that fun again. Although great, baby oil or cow's milk is just not the same. I understand that some prostitutes offer this service but I’ve never had the nerve - or, to be honest, the real desire - to pursue the matter. They could not match my memories.