Written by Paul901

15 May 2006

Brian & Jackie – Brian’s first married woman

Brian is in his mid forties and has been married to Jackie for over 25yrs. He first witnessed another man having sex with his wife after being married only a little over a year. However, the formation of Brian’s sexual preferences dates back to his teenage years.

It all started in his late teens. He had a Saturday job delivering bread. In the morning he would deliver to companies; pubs, cafes, and the like, and in the afternoon he would deliver to homes. About 4 months into the job, one hot Saturday afternoon, he drove up a short drive to number 27 Conifer Road. He parked the van outside the garage and rang the bell. He heard a woman’s voice saying she’d be there in a minute and then the front door opebned and he was confronted by a woman in her late 30s / early 40s. She was gorgeous and dressed only in what Brian thought was lingerie, having only ever seen such underwear in his mother’s magazines. It was black and shiny with very thin straps and very low cut. As she leaned down to take the bread from Brian he could see down her cleavage. He stared. She noticed. She changed her mind about taking the bread and asked him to bring it into the kitchen. He followed her down the corridor and into the kitchen, staring at her figure, mesmerised by the sway of her hips.

She asked his name and told him hers was Jennifer, Mrs Jennifer Bowden. She said he must be hot and asked if he wanted a drink of water. He replied that he did, his throat testifying to the fact that he needed it. She handed it to him and their hands brushed briefly. Her smell engulfed him and he almost fainted or something. She must have noticed and asked him if he was alright, sitting him down on a chair. She stood in front of him, laughed softly and smiled.

‘I suppose you don’t normally get to see married women in their underwear do you? I am sorry, I was just getting myself ready……..’ she left the remainder of the sentence hanging.

‘Do you have a girlfriend Brian?’

‘No’ he stammered. ‘I did have but we broke up about 6 months ago’.

‘I expect that’s a bit frustrating for you in many ways’, she said, brushing her fingers lightly over her left breast and down the front of her black silk slip. She was looking right into his eyes. Brian could hardly breathe. His throat was dry, his jeans were tight, his eyes didn’t know where to look.

‘It’s okay Brian, you can look. I’d like you to look’ she said softly, seductively.

Brian looked up as her hands shaped over her hips. She slid the hem of the slip up until Brian was looking at her thighs framed between the bottom of her slip and the top of her back stockings. Brian was hard now. Jennifer moved forward and straddled him. She leant down and kissed him, first softly, sensually, testing, then harder, more passionately. He moaned as her little pink tongue pushed into his mouth and then he felt her hand on him. She began to undo his jeans and stood up.

It all became a bit of a haze to Brian after that. She quickly stripped him naked and made him take her slip off. He almost came when he saw her in just stockings and a tiny pair of pants. She curved and undulated and oozed sex and then he was on his back and he felt her mouth expertly cover his throbbing cock and he tried to warn her but she wouldn’t stop and he came, shooting his cum into her mouth. None of his girlfriends had ever let him cum in their mouths and yet here was this smart beautiful cultured married woman taking it with pleasure, and swallowing it.

She kept swirling her tongue around his cock and sliding her lips very softly up and down his still fairly stiff cock. She was fondling his balls and trailing her finger backwards between his buttocks till she was touching his, oh my god, no-one had ever done that, and he was hard again.

Then she slid up his body. She placed his hands on her arse cheeks and kissed him again.

‘Have you ever fucked a married woman Brian? She asked.

‘He managed a hoarse ‘No’.

She stood up and offered her hand. She pulled him up and led him to her bedroom where she told him to take off her panties.

In a daze he peeled off her panties and gasped when he saw her shaven pussy.

‘Lick me lover’ she said and lay back on the bed.

He crawled up to her and kissed her pussy. He had never seen seen a shaven pussy before and it turned him on like mad. He enjoyed licking pussy; his girlfriends had always enjoyed it and were surprised that he wanted to do it. His kissing turned to licking and then to tonguing and Jennifer was moaning, talking to him now.

‘That’s it lover, push your tongue into my married pussy, where my husband’s cock was yesterday and where yours will be in a minute’.

Then she told him to fuck her. He stood up, his tongue sticking straight out, and looked down at her. It was a dream, it couldn’t be happening, she was the horniest sight he had ever seen, her face wanted him, her breasts were heaving, her nipples stood out, her pussy was bare and open and aroused and she was married and he was about to fuck her and he was in their bedroom, and he rubbed the end of his cock up and down the length of her wet pussy and she told him to fuck her. He had never had anyone ask him like that before and he slid straight in and up and she was talking gutter, this well bred wife.

‘You haven’t fucked for a while have you Brian. Well take it out on me, fuck me hard, take your pleasure. I love the feel of your hot cock inside me Brian, fucking me here in my marital bed. I want it so much. I wish my husband was here to see you fuck me.; to see your huge cock disappear into the cunt he thinks is his. Well it’s my cunt and I’ll fill it with whatever I want and I want your cock Brian and I want your cum’. She came but it didn’t stop her, she just continued.

She was fucking him, lifting her crotch up to meet his thrusts. Then they changed position; she wanted to get fucked in every position he had ever heard of, and more. When she got on all fours and presented him with her arse and her gaping pussy hole he couldn’t take it any more. He thrust straight into her.

‘Fuck me Brian, fuck your married slut, give me it, and she came again’

And Brian came, and came, and came.

He collapsed on his back and she lay over him.

‘Have you ever fucked an older woman before Brian?

‘No’ she replied breathlessly

‘Have you ever fucked a married woman before Brian?

‘No’ he replied

‘Did you enjoy it?

‘God it was fantastic’

She begins to play with his cock, now shrivelled. It is covered in their juices and she takes all of it in her mouth and tries to revive him. She keeps stopping and looking up at him.

‘What do you want to do Brian? Tell me. Anything you want’

Brian can’t believe that he is becoming aroused again. Jennifer is talking to him.

‘It’s getting hard again Brian, the fucking hasn’t finished yet.’

She rolled him over and began kissing his buttocks and the top of his thighs. The he felt her part his cheeks and her tongue touching his arsehole. It was electric.

‘You boys are all the same’ she said teasing his puckered ring with her hard little tongue.

‘You’ve never had anyone do that to you have you, and you can’t believe how arousing it is can you. Here, return the compliment.

And she got on all fours, shoulders to the bed, arse in he air, and Brian looked at her beautiful arse, and her open wet pussy and he gently parted her cheeks to look upon her upon forbidden hole. He bent towards her and touched her just there. His cock was hard again.

‘That’s it Brian, push your tongue in, mmm I love it, my own toyboy tonguing my arse. Wait till I tell my husband’.

Brian tongued her arse and then she told him to lick her pussy again. He gladly did so, not realising until it was too late that he was tasting his own cum inside her. He was so far gone that he did it anyway. Then they fucked again.

She thanked him and told him it wouldn’t happen again, and kissed him goodbye.

That was the first experience which was to shape Brian’s life.