Written by Janice and Jim

21 Mar 2004

Brian and his wife Barbara visited us in June last year. Brian is 45 and runs a farm in Ontario. Around 5ft 8 ins he has an athletic figure, thinning hair, cheery face and a forceful manner. Barbara was smaller, aged 40 with a fine sun-tan, dark hair and eyes, glasses, beautiful teeth and shape. Brian was dressed in shirt and slacks while she wore a cotton blouse, cashmere v neck sweater, capri pants, woven belt and suede loafers. They were both tired after their long journey and after tea went to have a lie down. Jim and I had let them have our king-sized bed while we were to sleep on divans in the adjacent room. While Jim was having supper in the room under theirs he called me in to listen to the noise coming from above. I must admit when I heard it I was quite aroused for they were making love quite furiously, so much so I thought the ceiling would crack.

The following day we drove down to the chalet they had hired in Cornwall. It had an adjoining swimming pool which was exclusive for us to use. After unpacking the four of us went to have a swim. At the pool we were surprised to find both of them naked. Brian persuaded us to remove our clothes as they were naturists and would feel obliged to be like us and wear costumes. Brian was a good swimmer but continually collided into me surreptitiously brushing a hand against my silken vulva as he swam away. He was good fun and we laughed a lot. Jim I noticed was glancing slily at Barbara who spent more time on the side of the pool than in the water. She was tanned all-over and had firm high breasts and an exquisitely shaped bottom smaller than mine I regret to say. We dried off and lay on the sunbeds drinking in the evening warmth. I closed my eyes and was thinking of Brian when I felt a hand on my pussy. There standing above me with a huge erection was the man himself. He started to finger my clit making me squirm. I looked for Jim and could see his silhouette against the pool window. He also was aroused and was fondling Barbara's luscious breasts. I was getting very warm and giving out a nice fragrance as my love juices started to flow. Barbara was on top of Jim her bum bobbing up and down while he groaned and worked hard. Brian's penis looked massive compared to Jim's. He spread my legs. I pushed back his foreskin to expose the glans and tracing my finger around it's circumference to make him shudder with pleasure. Then after a little more foreplay he entered my well-oiled vagina. His penis was very veiny and he had trouble in penetrating me fully. Instead I got on top of him and this time he forced himself to the mouth of the uterus. What a fuck he was beginning to give me. We took it slowly his prick sending thrills through me with every movement he made. After about 5 minutes I was letting my juices out while his testicles were jerking. He had held himself back for me to climax but now his pent-up sperm erupted into me as his body convulsed. We watched Jim and Barbara still hard at it. I held Brian's flaccid penis while he caressed my expansive bum which he obviously liked. As we looked at our spouses he was becoming very hard again. I gave him a lovely blow-job the cum tasting delicious. He then mounted me. I was much looser and the feeling of his cock was so much better than the first time. Soon we were climaxing together while Jim and Barbara were still oscillating. Barbara then tore the air with a scream of exhultation while I heard Jim giving his customary whoopee as he reached his climax. Barbara was congratulating Jim on his staying power while Brian said to me "Well coz we had the best of it though. They climaxed once only whilst we had a double-whammy".