Written by Steve, Leyton

18 May 2004

What an amazing weekend we've just had! We're four lads from London in our early 20's and we'd decided to go away for a boys weekend to chill out and have a bit of fun. We've tried Amsterdam before and wanted to try somewhere a bit different and headed to Barcelona.

We booked a hotel on La Ramblas and shared two rooms. On the first night we were leaving our rooms at the same time as a couple of older women were leaving the room next to ours. To be quite honest, they looked a pair of tarts, well into their 40's and dressed like young girls in their teens! Boys will be boys and soon there were the usual wolf whistles and sexual innuendo directed at them, as we followed them down the corridor.

You could tell they were lapping it up, purposely walking slowly and giggling at our comments! One was a little brunette, quite a stunner really, but just past her sell by date with the odd wrinkle showing through her heavily applied makeup. A nice figure though, tits slightly droopy, but what do you expect with a tart her age? She was wearing a very short black dress, laced up each side and a pair of high stilettos. She was evidently married, wearing a gold band and a large diamond engagement ring.

Her friend, not quite as tarty, was a blonde, attractive with a good figure too, dressed a little more conservatively, but still a horny looking piece!

It was the little brunette who seemed to be in charge, a cheeky little bitch, but nice with it! As we walked out on to La Ramblas behind them, the little brunette turned around and said to us "If you lads are that interested, why don't you come with us and buy me a birthday drink?"

What the hell, we thought, there was no harm.

We all went into a bar in the Gothic Quarter behind La Ramblas and ordered some drinks. The lads all had a beer and the two tarts asked for wine. The brunette introduced herself as Melinda and the blonde, Jane. They’d downed their first glass of wine before we’d had chance to taste ours! It turned out they had something big to celebrate, Melinda’s 50th! We were all shocked. To be fare she didn’t look a day over 42, so she’d worn well! Her wrinkles were immediately forgiven. If my mother looks like her when she’s 50, I’ll be surprised! We bought them both another drink and started chatting. And soon, they were on their third! These women were really out to celebrate in style!

It turned out that they’d already downed a bottle of red in the hotel room before they’d left, so they were quite pissed up! Melinda was getting more and more flirtatious as she drank more and soon she was leaning against me for support. When I said I was going to the loo she joked that she’d better come with me otherwise she’d fall over! The lads and I couldn’t believe it when the little tart did exactly that!

I walked into the gents with Melinda hanging onto me, giggling away! When I stood at the urinal and got my cock out, she reached out and took hold of it, pointing Percy at the porcelain and saying, “Let me give you a hand!” A woman, older than my mum had hold of my cock, holding it while I peed! What a slapper! When I finished and tried to zip it back up, she said she hadn’t finished with it!

Not wanting to get caught in the loo, I ushered her into a nearby cubicle and locked the door. She started to wank me off! I lifted her little black dress over her head and revealed her skimpy bra and panties. Not a bad body at all for a 50 year old! I unclipped her bra and released the bitch’s tits. The minute I touched them she began to kiss me, hanging around my neck! I played with her tits, squeezing her nipples and probed her mouth with my tongue. Meanwhile her hand was working wonders on my hardening cock! I pulled her panties down and slipped my hand between her open legs. Her cunt was smoothly shaven and very moist! Her body jolted as I pushed a couple of fingers inside her and began fingering her slut slit. Easy! How easy she was, was unreal! She was naked bar her stilettos and about to be fucked!

When the bitch had done her job hardening my cock, I eased her legs further open and slipped my meat deep inside her wet, unprotected hole! She flinched and groaned out loud as I began fucking her furiously against the wall of the cubicle! As I fucked the slag, I chewed on her nipples, listening to her groaning away! Suddenly she screamed out and climaxed so loud. I thrust deeper and harder into her married twat and emptied my balls inside her cunt!

As I stood, leaning against her, my cock still firmly embedded in her snatch, I heard one of my mates outside. “Dave, is that you?” he said.

I simply opened the door of the cubicle and watched his face when he saw the naked Melinda, literally fucked against the wall! She looked such a whore!

“Fucking hell, Dave!” he exclaimed, beginning to unfasten his own trousers! “Can I fuck her as well?” She didn’t say a word! She stood there, spunk trickling from her cunt, looking pissed and horny!

Steve took my place and began fucking the dirty Melinda, this time with the door open, for all to see! The slag loved it! As he screwed her, the other lads arrived, watching her take her second cock! One by one, they took turns with her, each filling her dripping, well, fucked, cunt, with more and more cum! By the time we’d finished with her, she was swimming in the stuff!

She dressed and we all went back to join Jane in the bar! She took one look at Melinda and said “You dirty little tart!”

“Isn’t she just?” I smiled “It’s your turn tomorrow Jane!”

“I’m not that sort of woman!” she blushed, but the following night, we proved her wrong!

What a pair of sluts! Thanks for making our trip to Barcelona so memorable!