Written by dirtycumslut

18 Apr 2006

I’ve worked for the same guy for the past ten years. We have a very similar sense of humour and have always got on well. Other than a few kisses at Christmas our relationship was strictly above board. Over the years I have flirted outrageously with him and always been rebuffed, kindly and often teasingly. One afternoon last Summer his twin brother arrived. I had seen pictures of him but had not met him before. They looked very alike, not identical but very similar. For some strange reason this made me feel as if I knew, Dave, the brother much better than I did and I flirted with him in just the same way as I did with my boss.

As the day drew to a close my boss asked me to join them for a drink in the boardroom. I must admit I was a little surprised to be asked but said that I would just see the other staff out and join them in ten minutes. In that ten minutes my mind raced with possibilities and I found myself with absolutely wet through knickers. I went to the ladies and my hands were shaking and I could smell my own musky arousal. I removed my knickers so that the dampness wouldn’t show through my skirt and then found myself frigging myself to a really intense orgasm.

I tried to regain some composure and headed for the boardroom. Once inside the brothers seemed to gain some bravado from each other and the conversation and atmosphere became very highly sexually charged. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and becoming flushed in the process. My boss asked whether I was hot but before I could reply Dave said “she sure is” I blushed and Dave said “are those your knickers in your hand?” I looked down and couldn’t believe that I still had them in my hand. “No, eerrr, no, they’re not” I stuttered unconvincingly. Dave said “Ok, what are they then?”, “nothing” I said stupidly. “show us then” said Dave. By this time my boss said “come on, if they’re not your knickers, what are they?”. By this time I was crimson with embarrassment. I stood up and unfurled my hand showing both brothers my knickers. Dave cheered and my boss said “they look wet”. Dave snatched them and buried his face in them and gave a huge sniff. My boss then came over and started to push my skirt up. I could or should have stopped him but I was so aroused it never occurred to me. As the skirt got higher the noise level reduced to a hush and my boss gasped as he saw my shaven pussy. “oh my god” he said “I always imagined it was shaved” and with that he dived to his knees and started to lick and suck my pussy. I come easily at the best of times and in seconds I was squirting my juices all over his face and shirt. Meanwhile Dave had approached from behind and was fingering my arse as he teased my nipples and undid my bra.

We all knew where this was going and I was desperate to have a cock inside me.

I sat on the edge of the boardroom table shaking with lust as my blouse was removed leaving me in stocking, suspenders and shoes. “OK guys I might lose my job for this but who’s going to have me first?” Dave said “ were going to both have you at the same time” he then dropped his trousers to reveal a huge cock, really thick and about eight or nine inches in length. “oh my god”, I said. He then put my hands on it as said “OK bitch show me what a good cocksucker you are” while he plunged three fingers into my sopping wet slit. My boss quickly removed his clothes and started sucking my nipples and then rubbing my clit while Dave dropped to the floor on his back. My boss then told me to straddle his cock which I cautiously did. Inch by inch I felt his cock sliding into me until I felt it right against my uterus. I was swooning with the feeling as he began to stroke into me. The juices from me ran from me as my boss then started massaging them into my arse. Then I felt a finger slip inside and start to work me up, then another finger until I felt my boss push his cock against the entrance to my arse. I started to panic. I like anal sex and I like my job but I felt that this would be an end that neither of us could face tomorrow. I protested and pushed back just as his cock entered me and I burst through a huge screaming orgasm. Both brothers pumped away with their cocks only separated by a membrane as my orgasm built again and I cried out unashamedly. Dave was first to shoot his cum and followed seconds later by my boss as they both filled my pussy and arse with hot cum. We then lay there panting and sweaty while what had happened dawned on us all. It was the single most erotic experience of my life and one I would repeat tomorrow, although my boss and I are now regular lovers and his brother is back over again this Summer