Written by HappyShopper

1 Sep 2004

A couple of years ago I was shopping in town when I bumped into my ex sister-in-law Claire who greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a large hug which surprised me as her sister and I didn't split on good terms although I always got on well with Claire even during the divorce.Once our hug finished I looked her up and down and complimented her on how well she looked paying special attention her large chest area which I managed to get a good look at one christmas when she came to stay as I took her a cup of tea one morning when she was getting dressed and saw her tits on display and she just laughed and we never mentioned it again.Claire asked me what I was shopping for and I told her I was doing some much needed cloth shopping so she volunteered to help me and she slipped her arm into mine and we headed off towards the shops.We went into a store and she helped me choose several items and all the time I was looking at Claire and wishing I could just bend her over and slide my now erect cock up either of her holes.I went towards the changing room and Claire waited outside and told me to show her everything I tried on as the man guarding the changing rooms looked on.I called out to Claire to see me in the first shirt and she came into the changing room as the man had walked off and I was alone with Claire in shirt and a bulge in my boxers which she noticed and went to her knees and pulled them down to reveal my erect cock and she didn't waste anytime and she started to rub it up and down with one hand and cupped my spunk filled balls with the other.As she started to suck my cock into her mouth I began to groan and tried to stop myself but couldn't hold back and told her to eat my cock like a slut and she licked my bell end and tasted the precum which had formed since we met in the street.Then Claire stood up and told me she wanted my cock inside her so I bent her forward and pulled her soaked panties to one side and slipped my cock right up her moist cunt and we were soon fucking like dogs on heat when the curtains were pulled back and standing there with shocked eyes was the man who had been guarding the changing rooms and he closed the curtain and dropped his trousers to reveal his cock and started to wank it quickly but Claire waved him over and she started to go down on his cock as I quickened up the pace ramming her cunt from behind and she was pushing back hard which felt so good and I told her I was going to cum soon and she told me to fill her hole with my spunk and I pulled her arse cheeks towards me and then shot my seed into her cunt and slapped her arse as I did so and wish I had fucked her years earlier but was grateful I was now doing so.The young man was now telling Claire he was about to cum so she lifted her bra and told him to shoot it over her big tits and he started to wank himself over her orbs until his balls were empty.He quitely thanked Claire and told her he would give her special treat,ment if she came into the shop again but she told me later she only let him do it as she didn't want to get done by the police.We tidied ourselves up and left the store and we had got so carried away we didn't even buy any clothes in the end but we ended up meeting on and off for about a year before she got married and moved to France but I hope we may meet up again sometime in years to come.