Written by Happygofucky

9 Oct 2005

I plucked up the courage to meet another man off this site to see what it felt like having them licking/sucking my cock and also how it felt ramming it deep into their arse.I placed an advert with a couple of pics and asked for pics in return and asking what they wanted me to do to them.One was from a young man called Kevin who was 20 5'10 like me but he was smooth all over with a thick 9 inch cock that was cut and a huge mushroom helmet that stood out.We agreed to meet in a pub halfway between us and after a couple of pints I told him it was time to go to bed and although he was shaking he said he wants to taste me in his mouth.We were walking along when I saw a field and I took his hand and dragged him in away from prying cars and pushed him to his knees and told him to undress me and he slowly undid my belt pulled down my zipper to release my erect penis and he pulled back the skin and began to wank me and as he did I made my trousers fall to the ground and there I was in the open being wanked of by a young man half my age I then told him to suck me into his mouth and he carried on staring as he swallowed my cock inside and soon I was holding the back of his heada s I fucked in and out pumping my prick and my balls smacked against his chin I held him tight as my spunk shot up from my hairy balls right into his waiting mouth and he carried on sucking as he tried to swallow it all but globs dripped onto his shirt until he meptied my balls completely.I then told him to strip naked so I can see who I will be fucking once my cock was hard again and his cock was standing up I moved in and kissed him on the lips tasting my own spunk taste on his lips my hands moved down his body and I began to wank his long hard cock up and down once or twice squeezing his big smooth bollocks which made him squirm and I was now down on my knees sucking his cock into my mouth tasting his sweat being treated as a cock sucking whore as he pumped in and out I grabbed his balls hard and told him to drown my mouth and he screamed out loud as he came in my mouth causing me to gag but I carried on swallowing the large amount of cum until his cock shrivelled up and we fell in a heap on the grass kissing and I was oon rock hard and I told him to get on all fours so I could shove my cock up his arse.He was no virgin and parted his legs and I finger fucked his arse for 5/10 minutes until he was relaxed and slowly slid my cock into him and he pushed back telling me to use him hard and I was nearly all in and it felt good as his arse muscles squeezed round my cock I fucked him hard for 10 minutes then spunked up him and when I removed my cock it looked so good as my spunk ran down his legs I knew he was mine to fuck whenever I wanted.We went on two more dates before he moved in and now shares my bed all the time and once or twice we pickup another man to share.

Life is so goo at the moment.