Written by Plum

9 Jan 2006

It was a business trip to Germany, very early flight, long coach trip, lunch, tour around the showroom, tour around the factory, speech by managing director and then back on the bus to the hotel, check in, to be honest it would have been easy to flop into bed and go to sleep.

I showered changed and was in the bar just fifteen minutes later, everybody had told me not to miss the evening meal. I took my first beer and it tasted good, another followed and then an announcement was made about table arrangements. I found my way to my table and was sat between a lady in her fifties (I'm 35) and a young guy in his mid twenties.

Its a business trip and everybody is talking about work, but I start a conversation with the lady next to me and it's nothing to do with work, the meal is a buffet and we keep getting up together, it's a release from our table bores.

Hospitality is good, when your glass is empty its filled and filled quickly. By now my chair has moved from twenties bore and is pointed towards older lady. Now dont get me wrong I'm pretty naive sexually, I lived with my school girl sweetheart for to many years that Im willing to mention. Then was to old to know how to charm a bird.

So me and this old bird are just having a laugh, and believe me we are having a laugh, time has flown by and people are starting to depart to there rooms.

Now at this stage the guy next to her, who is of a similar age to her says "Remember what you promised me?" now this comes as a bit of a shock, is this guy her husband? She tries to brush the guy off, but hes persistant. Anyway turns out they work for the same company and he has promised her a game of pool in the bar downstairs.

Eventually she agrees to go, but as she leaves comes back and says "Why not join us", now at this stage Mr naive takes over, she walks off and I start talking to Mr bore, but something kicks in, shes down there go for it.

I go down to the bar, she is leaning against the table, tight skirt, nice arse, pulling in and out, with the cue you understand. I go to the bar and order a drink. She notices me, loses the game and tells her colleague to offer me a game. We play, I kick his arse and we all decide to go to bed, not together you understand.

She flashes me her key number, we say our goodnights. I leave it five minutes and head towards her room. I'm dreading knocking on the door, fully expecting the old fella to answer the door. He doesn't she does. I enter.

Shes wearing trousers, a yellow jumper, now we had been laughing and joking all night but I had never thought of shagging this old bird, so why are our tongues duelling and our lips gnashing at each other. Man we are producing enough saliva to wash a small car.

I push her against a wall, we a snogging like school kids, I'm grinding my knob into her, however the fella downstairs has not noticed and is not playing. Then it dawns on me 'Shag her' I slide my hand up her jumper, she moans, I dont know whether its with pleasure or disgust, I keep going and assumed its with pleasure. I arrve at her bra, small tits, could once have been big but now maybe droopy, who knows but I enjoy it, Im clawing at her bra, trying to get her tit out and I succeed, slightly droopy but good nips, shit I want this woman. I pull away and start to lift her jumper, she shakes her head, I keep lifting shes still shaking her head and it disappears over her head. My hands are already behind her back fumbling with the bra, I get it undone and the tits are out. I sink my mouth into one of them, they are droopy but the nips are erect, I suck and lick, shes moaning with delight.

I want this woman now, my cock is hard and ready to explode. I pull away and tell her to strip, she looks at me stunned, by now Im taking my clothes off, 'strip' I say. she obeys and takes down her trousers and knickers. Were now both naked and climb onto the bed, were kissing like teenagers and I decide to do it, I slide down her body, kissing her as I go, its an old body with wrinkles, I arrive at her pussy, it's hairy, I slide my finger up and down the area, shes already wet, I slide my finger in, then I use my fingers to part her pussy lips, I locate her clitoris and start to gently lick with my tongue, she is screaming with delight, pussy is one of those tastes that you love when you first start but then you start to think NO but I keep going and she starts to shudder, she is screaming that shes cumming and pushes me away. My cock bulging and ready to go, 'Suck me' I say, but apparently this is not her thing, I talk her into it and my cock is in her mouth, she doesnt know what to do but makes an effort. I tell her I want to fuck her and shes more than willing, now im all for that loving stuff but I want her and I want her the way I want her. I put her in the doggy position and enter her from behind. My cock is driving in and out of her, shes moaning and im loving every minute of it. I then gently push her legs down so we are lying flat on the bed, im banging away and this is bliss. its not long before I feel myself cumming and I fire my seed inside her. Were both knackered and slump on the bed, after a brief nap I get up and go to my room.

The next day we spend the entire day looking and smiling at each other. I'm on the same business trip soon, and hoping for a reunion.