Written by Keith

18 Sep 2006

A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Pagham Harbour to enjoy the last of our Summers sun.Laying in the warm sum made me feel quite horny and in need of a wank.As I returned to the carpark to get changed I noticed a campervan had parked up alongside.The driver was sat reading but looked up and nodded as I approached.I was about to get changed when I noticed him watching me in the vans wing mirrors.Then he lent out of the window and asked if I would like to use his van as it was a bit more private.I said ok and we introduced ourselves,I had a feeling what Phill`s real intention was and I was sure I wasn`t going to let it pass by.

Being my first time I was hornier then hell,and already had a hard-on.I was not however embarrassed and didn`t try to hide it.Then I noticed that Phill was rubbing himself through his shorts and I was drawn to the growing bulge he was creating.He said he had noticed me earlier on the beach and asked if I was sure what I wanted.I said it was my first time,so he said ok,let us take it one step at a time then.

He finally convinced me to just have a look at his cock while he looked at mine.This seemed fair enough,so I agreed.Not really sure what to do,I asked Phill to go first.He unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the ground,I did the same with my trunks.His cock was hard and erect,I just stared.His cock had to be at least 8 inches long and glistened with precum,it was an impressive site.I was glad my own didn`t let the side down,mine was a little thicker than Phill`s,maybe an inch shorter in length.I did notice however that Phill was clean shaven.We both stood there naked staring at each other's cocks,and as I got more comfortable with this,the more I felt at ease.

Phill asked if I wanted to touch his cock.Eagerly I moved towards him and reached for his hard cock.I touched it gingerly at first,just letting my fingertips stroke his shaft then gripping it,gently started to wank him.I couldn't believe I was doing this to a strangers cock,but I was beginning to enjoy it.Phill started moaning and sighing loudly saying how good it felt,then he reached out and took hold of my cock also.As soon as he touched me,my cock jumped with excitement.I closed my eyes as we stroked each other in unison,I was in heaven,it felt great.After a few seconds we both stopped,nervously I asked,what now?

Phill asked if I would like to suck his cock now,not knowing exactly what to do,I said yes but he would have to tell me how.He pushed me gently to my kness till my head was level with his naked balls and cock.He insisted that the next part was easy,just put it in my mouth and suck it as if it were an ice lolly.Kneeling in front of his hard cock,I took it with one hand and fed it slowly into in my mouth.What an incredible feeling,not only was it hard but also felt soft at the same time,pulsing between my lips.I couldn't believe how powerful it felt in my mouth.Following what he had said I tried to suck him like it was a lolly.

Phill spoke more words of encouragement asking me to move my head up and down,and use my tongue.Doing as he asked,I started to slide my mouth up and down on his cock.To stable myself from falling I reached up and grabbed his ass,this encouraged him to push evenmore cock into my mouth.He put his hands on my head to guide me,I could hear him moaning loudly.Then I could feel his hips moving in rhythm as I slid my mouth along his cock.I guess I must have been doing it right.

Somehow it didn`t feel wrong,I was loving the feel of his cock in my mouth,his balls slapping against my chin.I was begining to enjoy myself,sucking and licking all along his shaft.By now my knees were aching so I stopped and asked if we could move somewhere more comfortable.Phill motioned over to the bed,once there Phill lay on the bed holding his hard cock,he was eager for me to continue.Moving between his legs I resumed sucking his cock,my head bobbing up and down as he lifted his hips to meet my downward strokes.His moans and sighs of pleasure became more intense.I was really getting into it now,my own cock felt as hard as iron with the excitement.Then I felt Phil`s cock swell and jerk,I knew he was going to cum.He groaned out loud,I'm cumming,and shot his hot load down my waiting throat.It seemed like he had buckets of cum to unload.My first thoughts were,a bit salty and thick,but not unpleasant,If given the chance I could get used to this and swallowed it all.It felt right to continue to suck him until his cock was soft in my mouth.

Phill said for a first timer I had done real good but now it was my turn.Phill moved over and we swopped places,he then started to stroke my rock hard cock before lowering his head taking me into his mouth.I closed my eyes as he began to use his tongue and mouth to great effect massaging my cock.Moving faster and faster I could feel a growing tension building in my balls,I was about to cum.Phill must have sensed this too and clamped his lips tightly around my cock in expectation of my cum.My orgasm was the most intense I had ever had,it seemed like I kept cumming for several minutes,when the last was done I just laid back, exhausted.

I thanked Phill and asked was it always as good as this,he replied do you want to try something else,curiously I asked what did he have in mind.Phill just smiled,and I noticed his cock coming back to life.I was still in a state of euphoria so offered little opposition when he asked me to roll over and get on my hands and knees.I soon figured out what he had in mind as he reached into a bedside drawer and withdrew some KY jelly and some condoms.Then I felt something slightly wet and cool being rubbed into my bumhole.While he slipped on the condom and applied more lube he said we could stop at anytime.The next thing I felt was him nudging gently at my ass.I braced myself as he eased into me,there was an initial pain no worse than I had felt before.Rocking back and forth on each forward stroke he slipped deeper into me.Sensing when I felt comfortable he began to shag me slowly till I felt him swell and come.

Phill withdrew as gently as he had inserted himself into me.It felt like I needed the loo but as I went to stand my legs buckled beneath me pitching me back onto the bed alongside Phill.He asked if I had to rush off anywhere that afternoon,I said no,why.He said in that case while I recovered he and I could spend a little more time ewnjoying each other,which we did.On the drive home later,every bump in the road reminded me of my first bi experience,eager to try again as soon as possible......If any are forthcoming I will let you know for sure.