Written by nsafunseeker

25 Nov 2004

Last month on a Saturday I was out shopping and it was coming up to five o'clock and I decided to pop into one of those little cafes for soemthing to eat and saw it was quite packed but I managed to find a seat which was near where they were cooking the food but I didn't mind and soon the young girl of about 18(Kelly)came up and took my order and walked away wiggling her arse in a short denim skirt which I reckon attracted plenty of men into the cafe.Anyway when my meal came up I couldn't beleive how big the portions were and as I started to eat it I kept feeling eyes in my back and when I turend round I saw a woman about mid 50's(Barbara) holding a mug of tea and looking in my direction and she smiled so I smiled back.Now she didn't have what you would call the best of faces but her body made up for it as she was about 5ft but had a gorgeous big bust which I do go for from time to time and after I had finsihed my dinner the young girl came over and asked me if there was anything else I fancied and jokingly I said what you got to offer and thats when the woman who ahd been watching me told me to come and check out what was on offer so I went behind the counter and she opened her white overall and underneath she had on a black bra and panties complete with suspenders and I stood there with my mouth open as she asked me if I liked what I saw and she could see the bigle in my jeans and buttoned up her overall and wrote down her address and telephone number and if I was interested to be at the address by 8.oo that night or ring if I couldn't make it.I paid my bill walked out in a daze anddeiced to find a boozer and sat there over a couple of pints mulling over wether to go but deep down I knew I really wanted to sample the delight sof this mature woman who was offering it to me on a plate.I decided to go and arrived 5 minutes early and saw it was a flat so I had to press one of those intercoms and I said is that the cafe woman and she said is that the cute guy who saw me open my overall and when I said yes she clicked and told me flat 7 and I walked up the stairs and the door was already open so I walked in and there she was sat on the sofa in a see through black nightie which left nothing to the imagination and she walked up to me and took my hand and placed it at the front of her pussy and said she had been frigging herslef off for the last hour and when I felt it my finger slid in so I removed my jacket and the rest of my clothes to reveal my hard prick and I followed her into her bedroom and I lay down and soon we were in a 69 eating nibbling sucking each other and she was making me so horny I didn't think I could last but I managed to calm down but she was like a dog with a bone biting and sucking my balls hard until I just shot my spunk into her mouth and listened as she slurped and licked it all up and then she juiced my face and rubbed her fanny all over my face I loved it and wanted more so I lay her down on the bed and rmoved her nightie and exposed her big udders and licked and suckled on them as she moaned and fingered herself until I was again erect and I took jher legs onto my shoulders and slipped my prick into her and she was shouting loudly to fuck her harder and I never need telling twice so my balls were banging against her arse as I fucked her for all I was worth and she then told me she wanted to ride my cock so she got on top and her cunt muscles sucked tightly round my cock and after a lot of pumping and groaning I pulled her arse clsoe and shot my load and gave her my seed and she lay there with a big smile on her face as my spunk made her pubes all matted and sticky and she was again soon playing with it and putting her fingers in her mouth.I was annoyed that I couldn't stay that night as I had plans the next day but I pop in once in a while and always get extra helpings from my Barbara.

Now I keep thinking about getting the Kelly and will make my move soon.Stay tuned as I will write about it on here if I get to poke her.