Written by Husband willing to share

7 Jul 2005

We had been at a work friends bithday barbecue to celebrate his 30th. It was a pretty chilled night even though it was July. There were plenty of people there as he had invited not only peple from his work, but also guys from his football team(s) and other he knew. I & myslf G had worked together since he had left school so we had known each other for 14 years at this particular point. I was 34 at the time. He had been mentioned more than a few times by me during our sex sessions. If she had had a drink, she would mildly reciprocate & enter into the swing of things, if she was sober it was always stated by her that I was the only one she wanted & was happy with me, which used to put a dampener on things a little bit.

This particular night she had been drinking & had downed almost a complete bottle of Slo Gin which she drinks like water and she always says it never really gets her drunk. This time it did and she was flirting with my friend "I" quite a bit.

We left the party around 11.30 and headed home along the main dual carraige way. My friends house is loacated about a mile & a half just outside the city boundaries but it wa safe as it's still erasonably light in Aberdeen throughout the summer nights. We couldn't get a taxi as most were heading out of town. As we were walking along I asked her to come into the filed while I relieved myself, you know what it's like, I'd had my first piss & it was non stop from there on in. Well we went into the field and I had a piss. I then asked her to come closer and to play with my cock, which she did, a little bit reluctantly. I then asked her if she fancied dropping her trousers and having a quick fuck in the field as I said it would be quite exciting doing it right next to a road with all the traffic going past, but she just wasn't up for it, so I went into a sulking session and started to ignore her a bit as we continued to walk along the road. She realied this and then said come on then let's go into this next field and you can fuck me in there, but I said no, no let's forget the idea and continued to walk along, I held onto her hand, but she knew I was pissed off a bit. She pleaded to me to take her into the field and screw her but I just said no. We managed to get a taxi further along the road eventually and headed for home.

The walk home and the fresh air had really taken it's toll on her as she was in one of the drunkest states I've ever seen her. Well Once we got to teh bedroom I started to get undressed and I helped "K" out of her clothes. I left her new red tie side panties on that I had just bought that day as I love my wife in underwear ( I buy all her underwear and she loves when I do ). She couldn't wear the bra with the top she had on a it would have shown around the neck area, not that she had a chance to take her jacket off as we were outside the entire evening. When we got into bed she really started getting close , she played with my cock & balls as I lay back pretending to get some sleep. She was whispering in my hear to give her my cock and come in her and stuff. What am I supposed to do, my cock was throbbing and dying for some action. I then asked her if I could take some photographs of her again, which she had let me do only once before when we were in Amsterdam for her 30th birthdy. She asked why I wanted to take more and I replied to her it was because I wanted more and I would allow "I" to see them as he was impressed with the first lot. Now at this point I hadn't even shown him the Amsterdam photos as I wouldn't do that without her consent. "I" & my wife "K" are pretty close since I've worked him for so long and we've all attended so many parties & work doo's. I know there's nothing going on but I wouldn't have complained if there was as long as they kept it discrete & I was told about all the details. She was taken aback by my revelations and asked what he had said about them. I told her alie & said that he loved them & asked me to show him more if there was any. I also said that he had mentioned ho fucking sexy she was in the photos. I thought I'd royally screwed up here as she went very quiet for a 20 seconds then said to me that if I was to take more I ust only ever show thenm to "I". I couldn't beleive it, here was my wife giving me permission to take more photos of her naked and giving me permission to show them to my workmate.

Without hesitation I jumped off the bed with my hardon swaying about & got the camera out. I started to take photos of her lying spread out with her pussy not only on show but she was holding her lips open to show the lovely pinkness inside. I continued to photograph her in all different positions, some with my cock being sucked by her then others with me screwing her. At one point she took the camera and said that she wanted to take some so that he would get close ups of her pussy & titties. Absolutely fucking incredible I remember thinking. This carried on for 10 minutes with me saying things like 'I bet you'd love "I" to fuck you & come inside you" and that "we would spit roast her instead of her having to use a vibrator on herself whislt she sucks my cock" as we would normally do during our sessions. She got me going by coming back with thigs like "Yes I'd love to have both of you fuck me together so that I can feel pleasured in both holes at the same time" and also that "She would suck and fuck him silly whilst I watched and wasn't allowed to join in". It continued like this for a few more minutes until she came for about the 3rd or 4th time ( she claims ) and I blew my load up her pussy.

We lay together in the afterglow of our love making holding one another. In the morning she never mentioned anything about not showing the photos. I kept them in my camera but didn't print them as I didn't want teh wrong people to see them. I eventually plucked up enough courage one day at work to show my mate. My throat was all dry & my heart rate was going through the roof. He couldn't believe the photos and he asked me if "K" knew I was showing them to him, I explained yes she does and we went on to discuss our relationship and that if the chance ever came up he he should certainly go ahead & attempt to fuck my wife and that he had my permission. All he had to do was to try to persuade her. He looked at the photos for a long time taking in all the details. He complimented her on her beauty nad impressive tit size, saying thet her didn't think they were as big as they actaully were.This must have got to him as not long after I'd went back to my own office he passed me to go to the toilets and I'm sure he had a wank as he was gone for some time.

The next weekend end when we were out drinking and returned home I took the bull by the horns and mentioned to my wife that I had shown my buddy the photos we had taken. Since she wasn't so drunk she said oh no you didn't, did you. I was then asked what he said. I explained he had complimented her on her figure and I also said thaty if he ever go the chance he should attempt to seduce her and screw her. She smiled at me as, I presume the thought ran through her head. I also mentioned that he had gone to the toilets not long after seeingt he photos on the camera and I can only presume he had gone for a long wnak thinking about the photos. She seemed surprised saying no way would he have done that. i said why not I've done it when i've been sitting at my desk thinking about you & I've needed to relieve myslef. We tehn went on to have a fairly good session in bed, but without the camera this time.

My wife's leaving do is in a few weeks and I will be other wise engaged. I'm going to speak with my mate & let him know where they are going to see if he can be out and about later on that night to 'accidentally' bump into her and to see if he can fuck her brains out. If not I can only hope she kisses him longingly as we may not see them for a while as we are moving abroad. I don't think it will happen, but you never know. It would be interesting to see if she did do anything, if she would tell me or for that matter he would tell me. I can only wait & wank in hope that she feels another cock other than mine.

Sorry the story is so long, but I thought it best to give you the entire run down on what happened.