Written by The second mate

28 Apr 2006

What is it with us blokes wanting to see our wives fucked by another man?

My wife Gillian and I were on a canal boat holiday it was coming to an end and we were on our way back to the marina where we were to hand the boat back. We moored up by this riverside pub for our last night. After having our meal we went up to the pub for a drink it was such a lovely evening we decided to sit outside I went in to fetch our drinks when I came out I saw Gillian was in conversation with a man sitting beside her at our table. Gillian saw me coming she looked a little sheepish and introduced me to Tom. I noticed he didn't have a drink so offered him one which he accepted I bought him his drink and returned to the table. As Tom was sitting beside Gillian I had to sit opposite. Tom was a keen fisherman and was here for the start of the coarse fishing season which started at midnight so he had a few hours to while away. He was a short thickset man about Gillians age he was very friendly he and Gillian seemed to be getting on very well and it appeared at every opportunity Tom would slip his arm around my wife and hug her and give her a little peck on her cheek at which she did not object. I became aware that they were sitting very close together

Tom got up to buy the next round and whilst he was in the bar getting the drinks I commented to Gillian that Tom and her seemed to getting on very well, she tried to dismiss it saying we all appeared to be getting on well together. Tom came back with our drinks and I noticed that Gillian moved away from him as he sat next to her as if to show me that there was nothing between them but I noted that it wasn't long before they were sitting very close to each other again and Tom had his arm around her back and I could see his hand was gently caressing the side of her breast and she was allowing it.

Now like a lot of blokes I had had a fantasy of watching Gillian being fucked by another bloke and we had talked about it and although she always reacted strongly to it by having a really noisy powerful orgasm she always said it was just a fantasy she never want to be fucked by another man.

It was my turn to get the next round I got up and went into the bar to buy the drinks when I came out and looked across at our table I was staggered to see Gillian and Tom with their arms around each other kissing I quietly approached and put the drinks on the table before they realised I was there. Gillian immediately jumped back and looked very flustered and embarrassed, Tom seemed very relaxed and openly asked me if I minded him kissing my wife? I relied that if Gillian was happy to let him kiss her then so was I. At that Tom immediately slipped his arms around her and began to kiss her again. Gillian briefly held back and then it was as if she thought 'what the hell' and began responding her mouth was open and I could see their tongues intertwining. I was begining to get very turned on and could feel my erection begining to grow. Eventually they parted and had a drink Gillian looked across at me with a look that was asking for my assurance that it was okay. I looked at her smiled and nodded okay. Tom saw my nod of approval and put his arms around her and started kissing her again this time she did not hold back. All sorts of emotions flooded through my mind, jealousy, almost close to tears, excitement and an erection straining in my pants. Tom now was openly fondling my wife's breasts through her tee shirt as his other hand wasn't around her it wasn't difficult to work out where his other hand was. I accidently dropped some money on the grass and bent down to pick it up and sure enough Tom's hand was sliding up and down my wife's thighs pushing her skirt up into her lap I don't think he was stroking her pussy but he certainly wasn't very far from it and she was not resisting her legs were wide parted giving him all the access he needed. I sat back up at the table they had stopped kissing and were just gazing at each other their eyes locked together Tom still gently fondling her breasts I could see her nipples were very prominent in her tee shirt her chest rising and falling with her now heavy breathing. I longed to look again under the table to see if he was stroking her pussy I'm sure he was judging by the way she was reacting to him she had so often reacted to me in the same way. She turned to me I could see the passion in her eyes she wanted him I knew, my heart cried out I loved her at that moment as I had never loved her before. She wanted to have another man's cock. She was looking to me to say yes she could have him, I fought to control my emotions and in as controlled voice as I could but I was shaking uncontrollably I suggested she show Tom around our boat, I would finish my drink and join them later. Gillian looked at me again seeking my reassurance that it was okay. She knew as I knew she would let him fuck her if she went to the boat alone with him. I just nodded my aproval I couldn't speak my emotions were so overwhelming me.

She got up her skirt fell down she smoothed it down I wondered how wet he had made her? Jealousy was creeping in again. He then stood up, my eyes went straight to his groin how big was he, was he bigger than me? Judging by the large bulge in his pants he was, and my Gillian would soon be having that inside her I just couldn't take in what was happening. She turned to me and said "Love you" then quickly turned taking his hand and led him down the tow path and onto our boat she opened the hatch and disappeared inside with him following.

What should I do? Should I leave them to it and just wait for them to surface? That could be a long time or should I go down watch my wife being fucked and perhaps join in? I favoured the latter but decided I would give them some time before doing so.

I suddenly felt very conspicuous I thought everyone was looking at me saying "he's having his wife fucked by another man" Eventually I got up and as casually as possible I walked down to the boat trying desperately to hide my erection. I stood by the boat on the tow path I could clearly hear Gillian making the little noises she makes when she is very aroused then I heard her shout "Oh fuck me please please fuck me, oh! oh! harder harder" Then "Oh god I'm coming I'm commmmming" followed by her wailing, "Oh John he's fucking me he's filling me with his lovely spunk oh! oh!" I stood by the boat speechless tears of emotion welled up in my eyes I boarded and just sat in the cockpit looking in at them lying on our bed naked Tom gently kissing my Gillian and stoking her breasts.

I spent the night in the single bunk being woken up on two more occasions to my wife's wailings telling me she was being fucked. Tom did not start fishing till the late morning as they slept in recovering. Tom and Gillian exchanged telephone numbers and I wondered if they would ever meet up again but that's another storey. morning