Written by RickthePrick

24 Oct 2005

I needed a holiday and took myself off to Mexico for a week. Got a brilliant 5* hotel all inclusive package despite the long flight. If you can afford it, treat yourself.

Anyway during the flight I spent time walking up and down the plane for a bit of exercise and eyeing up the potential talent. Not a lot on the flight to be fair and the ones that were, namely J and M, weren't staying at the hotel but we got chatting anyway.

They'd recently both divorced, but my luck appeared to be out as their hotel was 25 miles from mine.

Got to my hotel eventually and found the room had a King Size bed; double jacuzzi; double shower and single me.

Spent a few hours wandering around; arranging trips and stuff then came back to the pool bar for a drink. Settled down; had a few and decided to go for a walk on the deserted beach outside the hotel. Changed into T shirt; shorts and sandals, nothing else, and set off with my bottle of water and sun tan.

Walked a while until I was far enough from the hotel so as not to be seen and decided to strip and do the naturist bit - first time and it felt great.

Wondered along the beach for a while, into the ocean which was like a warm bath and gave nobbie a wash to freshen him up, well bit more than a wash really and came out with a decent semi hard on.

As I turned to carry on walking round the headland J and M appeared about 50 yards away. Surprised and too late to dress as they had a firm view of my condition I thought, "What the hell - it pays to advertise" and walked towards them with a welcoming sway from side to side.

They both giggled and told me they'd changed to my hotel as theirs was disgusting. Both of them continued to look at my predicament and suggested they strip as well and we go for a swim. Never 1 to say no I asked if I could help and ably assisted each of them to take off their scanty clothing, getting v close to fragrant aromas from their love juices and catching nipples as well. Boy did they respond well. I was not disappointed with the response of the old pork sword either which stuck out manfully saying - come and get me.

We went for a swim and spent time touchy feely in the water which brought out the head of the 1 eyed monster. They were both fascinated with this as their guys had been cut. When we got back to the beach we walked a little to dry off and M then suggested sun tan oil to prevent burning. They made me stand still and M started rubbing oil on my back, using her body and tits to accomplish this as J sprayed my front, rubbed it all over except nobbie and continued down until her face was level with old 1 eye. At this point she opened wide and swallowed what I had, while M carried on girating against me. I just had to reach behind me and explore her body - found the target first time and slipped a couple of fingers inside her as she shortly exploded, scattering juice all over the clean beach. J was still going like a hoover but suddenly stopped and spat me out. Asking what was wrong she replied nothing as she stood on her hands, cunt at my head level;said its your turn now and started sucking again.

Well you have to repay kindness so I had 1 hand behind me still fingering M; 1 hand supporting J at the front and a mouthful of the best fish on the menu. J grunted and made guttural sounds as she came, probably due to a mouthful of spunk from me, but didnt squirt anything however she did collapse in a heap after her exertions.

Not to be denied M took my hand; led me into the ocean and expertly washed nobbie as she gently coaxed life back into me. We walked out of the ocean; M leading me with nobbie in her hand; past J who was still relaxing but said she would follow and towards a beach hut apparently used for barbeques. There was an old wooden table in here and as J recovered and followed us M waited for her. J was told to lay on the table face up; M positioned her as she wanted her, apparently so that she could lick cunt as she was shagged from behind. I was positioned behing M and invited to inject her with finest British pork sword. Boy did I slip in easy. I was banging away as hard as possible without upsetting the rhythm of M on J. Both M and J were heating up together and I was holding back as long as possible. When the girls decided to release their tension and started groaning together, I also let my load fly scattering seed all over the inside of M's cunt walls. Both girls climaxed; again M spluttering juice and spunk all over the sand; my legs; J's legs and the table. Boy did she know how to come.

I needed a break at that point and sat on the sand to be treated to the sight of J licking M out until she sprayed again. She was a dirty cow, thats for sure.

We all staggered back to the hotel together; tired but well used; exchanged room numbers and went to freshen up after agreeing to meet up later.

I got back to my ground floor room, ran the jacuzzi, opened the windows for a bit of breeze and to enjoy the sea view and stripped off. Having poured myself a drink I was stepping into the bath when M appeared at my open window and came in to play - but thats another story ....