Written by Blackman lover

20 Jan 2005

A few years ago now I used to play football on Sunday mornings with a local pub team and although we weren't that good we all seemd to enjoy it and have a good piss up win,lose or draw.One week I found myself in the Showers with our captain Leroy who was a tall strong blackman aged 23 and I had never really had any gay feelings before although sometimes me and the wife had watched some Interracial porn and both enjoyed black cocks being rammed into white holes.Anyway I walked in and saw Leroy standing under the shower tugiing his foreskin back and forth and he had got a massive erection and when he turned round to face me he started talking about the game and how we had been unlucky but I found it hard not to look at his black rod and he asked if I liked it and I just laughed but he moved closer and he said for a white man my cock was nice and he reached over and started to rub it and I pushed him away but he again took it in blakc hand and gripped me harder and I just let him do it as I was needing to wank it off and he moved closer and told me to wank him off at the same time and couldnt reach it as it was so big so he let go of my cock and he forced it into my mouth and I didn't know what was happening but was loving the feeling of having my mouth filled and alos loved the feeling of his big hanging balls slapping my face as he fucked me and rammed deeper and at one stage I thought his cock was going to come out the other end.As he pumped me he asked if I had ever thought of being fucked in the arse and I said once or twice but didnt act on it so he pulled me up bent me over spat into his hands and started to finger my anus and it hurt as first but soon it opened and he took my arse cheeks and licked away and then put his cock at the entrance and slowly entered me and he kept checking with me and I just told him to fuck me and fill my arse with his black seed and he then pounded in and out and the was full of sweat/spunk smell as he dumped his load inside me he kept his hard cock inside my arse until his balls emptied.When he removed his cock he told me to clean it and I did as he said and afterwards we showered each other clean got dressed and joined the others.Once we left the pub we drove to woddland area and we got in the bakc of the car and I lowered my arse onto his black cock and had him dump another load inside and he told me to go home to Jane and tell her what they had done and arrange for her to join us round his for a threesome.I went home and she was already in bed so I walked into the room got undressed in front of her and made sure I bent over so she could see the spunk running out of my arse and she was shocked but soon got hot and asked me who ahd done this and when I told her he was young strong and black she too wanted it.

Will give details of our threesome next time.

My go balck cock is so good rammed up the arse.