Written by john

26 Jul 2003

I meet you at the pub after work and I am having a few soft drinks at the bar. I tell you I am driving so no alcohol for me. We have a few more drinks and you tell me you need the toilet. I follow you into the toilet cubicle. What are you doing here you ask?. Drop your knickers and I will show you. No I am not having sex here you laugh I know all the regulars. I tell you I don't want sex I just want to taste you. You have a wee and I tell you to wipe your fanny dry. With a devilish laugh you say ok I will try anything once. I tongue your pussy as you are standing up. My piercing is driving you wild suddenly you start to cum. You then bend over and tell me to get my cock out. Fuck me now. I fuck you from behind both of us trying to be quiet as mice. I am nearly cumming so you tell me to pull out. You suck my dick until I shoot in your mouth. I leave the cubicle while you sort yourself out.

You join me back at the bar. I don't think we get 2 sentences out before you head off to the toilet. You are gone about 10 mintues. When you get back you have a smell of sex. You then shove 2 chocolate-covered fingers in my mouth. I wanked myself with a kit kat you whisper in my ear. Come on let’s go you say.

As we get in my van you tell me to drive fast as you need a good fucking quickly. We get in the van and you tell me the directions. As I am driving you remove your knickers and frig yourself. Your finger is rapidly rubbing your clit. I ask you to make me a special kit kat you pull a kit kat out your bag and begin to frig your pussy with it as your other hand rubs your clit. You are moaning with pleasure and it doesn't take long before you cum all over the kit kat. I take the kit kat from you and lick the melted chocolate. I can taste your sweet pussy juices. You carry on frigging your clit moaning loudly you need a good fucking. Go to this car park on the left you say. I pull in the car park. There are a few other couples in cars also. I laugh and say is this a lovers lane car park. No it is a dogging car park you say. What is a dogging car park I ask?. You tell me it is a car park where voyuers, swingers and exhibitionists go to have sex. I look at the car opposite and notice a couple looking into the car they are watching another couple have sex.

Right get your cock out you say. I undo my pants and you sit in my lap. You ride my dick telling me you need a good hard fuck. You notice a guy looking at our car. You wave and call him over. He stands by the window watching you ride my dick. Fuck me harder you tell me. I tell you it is too cramped in here we need to go in the back of the van. We get out of the van and head to the back the man watching goes to leave. You tell him not to go you need two cocks tonight.

All three of us get in the back of the van. You get on all fours and tell me to fuck you hard I insert me dick in your wet hole and pump away. The other guy is wanking his dick as I fuck you. Fuck me harder you scream. I tell the other guy to shove his cock in your mouth to shut you up. My balls are slapping against your arse as I pump you. It doesn't take the other guy long before he empties his load down your throat. You rub your clit as I fuck you. I want to feel your spunk you say. I am pumping in and out hard and fast. Let me feel your spunk. I tell you that you are going to feel it any minute. I fuck you faster I can feel my cum rising with a loud groan I shoot my load deep up your pussy. This triggers an orgasm through your body. The other guy is now hard again.

You lie on your back and tell the other guy to fuck you he bends your legs back and rams his cock in. He fucks you hard and fast. I lie there for a minute. Watching his cock pump in and out of your pussy. Oh that’s it you cry fuck me. Fuck me harder. You tell me to join in so I move over and kiss your body. I suck on both nipples. Your nipples are like bullets I tease and play with your nipples with my tongue as my right hand plays with your clit. You are screaming in ecstasy as the other guy fucks you. I see his face tighten and he shoots his load up you.

I need more cock you say. You start sucking our dicks telling us you want them nice and hard again. When you have sucked us back to hardness you order us to fuck you. I start fucking you from behind. Oh that's it fuck me good. As I am fucking you the other guy licks your arsehole. He then puts a finger up your arse and fingers you. Oh that feels good you say. The guy removes his finger and begins to shove his dick up your arse. We are now both fucking you. Oh my god that’s feels so good you say. It feels so tight. The feeling of tightness is driving you wild. Oh that’s it boys fuck me you say. A wave of orgasms runs through your body as we fuck you. MMMMM yes more you say fuck me. We both carry on fucking you. You seem to be having one continuous orgasm. The other guy says he is nearly ready to shoot his load. I tell him to hold on, as I am nearly cumming also. We pull out our dicks and shoot our load all over your back and arse.

All of a sudden we hear a woman moan. We look outside the van and see a woman standing there frigging her clit. She had been watching our performance. The other guy says he has to leave. Nice show says the woman. She joins us in the van. You have a nice pussy she tells you. She asks you if she can have a taste of your pussy. I have never been with a woman you say. You don't have to taste me if you don't want to I just want to taste you. You laugh and say well I have tried some other new things tonight so why not. Can I have some cocaine on my clitoris also she asks. She puts her head between your legs and licks your pussy. Oh that feels good you say. She tells you that you taste beautiful. She plays with your clitoris. Make me cum you tell her. She pauses for a minute and tells me she likes cock also. I get behind her. You can take any hole she tells me. I finger her clit as she licks you it doesn’t take long for her to come. She comes all over my hand. I rub her juices up her arsehole to get it nice and wet. Go on fuck my arse she says. I pump her arse as she tongues your pussy. Her arse feels so tight it doesn’t take me long before I cum. Mmmm that was nice she says now lick me out. I go down and taste her pussy. I hear you cry you are Cumming. The other girl opens her mouth and swallows all your sweet juices. I lie next to you and tell the other girl to sit on my face. My tongue is probing deep as I tongue her pussy. You lie there watching frigging your clit. The other girl tells me she is coming. My mouth is flooded with her juices. She then moves off my face and sits on your face. I have never done this you protest. Well now is time to try it she says. You nervously begin to tongue her clit. Wow you taste good you tell the other woman. With that you loose your inhibitions and really give her a good tonguing. You say I want to really taste you . Use your tongue on my clit then she says. Your tongue and mouth go to work on her clit. She is breathing heavy saying she needs to come. She orgasms filling your mouth with her sweet juices. She gets off your face. Wow I didn't know us women tasted so good you tell her. Maybe I will have to try another woman sometime you laugh. The other women says she has to leave as if she is out too long walking the dog her husband goes mad. We get dressed and head for home. I hope you still have energy left you tell me. My clit is still throbbing and I want more fucking until I am satisfied.