Written by mwloverman

27 Nov 2006

I met a women from here who I now see at least once a week. Well her fantasy was to have outdoor/car sex. So on Saturday I was rehearsing for a gig (I play the drums) and she text me wanting sex and she wanted some ourdoor fun as we have been talking about it for a few months now.

So we met up at around 10.30pm and headed up to somewhere discreet. We found an empty car park and had sex in the car, stripping each other naked. Then I spread her on the car bonnet and took her from behind. Finally we ended up having sex in the back seat. It got a bit hot so we decided to open the car window. Mine are electric so I had to switch the ignition on. As it was dark I accidently pressed the car horn for at least a second!! lol! We were gonna leave as we thought we had alerted someone but we were too horny and carried on.

After we finished we saw a car heading towards the car park, then blue flashing lights came on! We were bricking it at this point thinking we would get arrested! As the windows were very steamy they came into the car park then left.

So after that we decided to leave and went down the only road exiting from the car park and guess what we saw when we got to the residetial area? A police car waiting at the bottom! Luckily there was a junction just before where they were parked and you could see them getting into the car and the reverse lights came on. As soon as I got on another road I was gone like the wind! They didn't decide to follow us and me and my sexy buddy were laughing about it all night!!

I can laugh about it now but can you imagine what my family would have thought if we had got locked up!