Written by horny babe

1 Mar 2004


about 2 weeks ago i put an advert on the swinging heaven site saying that i was looking for a couple to have a 3some with mff as i had already has a mmf. So i got a reply from a couple that lived not far from me.

On saturday night gone i went to my local town drinking with my work mates for a birthday & leaving party. Earlier that day i had spoken to the couple and there had asked me what i was doing tonight and i said i was going out, and her hubby said ok, why dont we pick you up from town and i said i would let hime know what time i was planning on going home. So at 10.40pm i sent him a text saying i was going home as i was tired, so he replied and said look me and my wife are out at the moment so he said that he would meet me at my house and pick me up as i needed to get charged as i was wearing trousers and a blouse and wanted to change into something sexy and nice. So i got home and got changed i then put on a zipped up jacket and wore a pair of tracksuit bottoms which had poppers up the side. I then got a phone call of the couple to say there were in my street. I then went to the car and got in and then went for a drive, we parked up in this car park of a country lane. We all started talking. i was sitting in the back of the car in the middle so i could see both of them. Hi wife then turned at me and said what was i wearing underneath my jacket and i said just my bra and she said let me have a look so i opened my jacket so you could see my bra. Then she put her hand on her hubbys cock and stated to rub it while her hubby put his hand on my tits and started to feel them , by this time i was getting horny. We stopped for a bit as she was wearing this long coat with high heels boots on and i wanted to see what she was wearing, she opened her coat and she was wearing a red bra set, but had no knickers, she had amazing tits and a nice shaven pussy, i said im no wearing anything underneath my tracksuit bottoms she said i dont believe you so i took down my bottoms so you could see my nice shaven pussy to? she then got back to sucking her hubbys cock while her started to feel my tits, she stopped sucking as i asked her to sit on his cock and fuck him, while she did that i took of my trousers and sat onto of the guys face so he could lick my pussy out while doing that i started to feel her boobs which were nice and big with nice nipples, after sucking her tits for a while i started to kiss her with tongues, she them came, and i asked if i could swap places with her, so we did , i sat on the cock and felt it deep inside my pussy and she sat on his face and he licked her clit out, i was riding his cock deep inside me going up and down and getting faster and faster, after about 5 minutes she got of his face and sit in the back and i started to finger her clit while still shagging, her clit was soaken wet i poked her with 3 fingers for about 5 mins then removed my fingers and then licked my fingers to taste her nice pussy juices on my fingers. i then came and so did the guy.

I then asked for the lady to licked my pussy out while she got fucked from behind, so i then got in the back of the car we opened the door so my legs were out the car and she went in between my legs and started to lick my clit out while her hubby was fucking her.

by this time i was well horny and having a great time, i enjoyed every minute of it, it was fab & excellent. while on the way home i was still feeling her tits , we got to my house the lady turned round and we started to kiss with tongues and then i started to kiss the guy, and got out the car?

thanks it was the best experience ever!