Written by bicumslut

12 Oct 2006

True story that happened last night. I was on my way back home from an appointment and I parked up in this pub car park. The pub near Colchester has a TV night every wednesday and after a few minutes had passed I heard the arousing sound of stilly heels moving across the darkened car park. I thought this was a little strange because it was only 9.30pm at night so why was "she" alone and was she leaving already? I could see "her" shadow standing next to her parked up car but she didn't climb in for a while. Once she climbed in she just sat there for a while too, so I plucked up the courage to walk over to her to make small talk. I asked her whether it was quiet in the pub and she said it was and that she had been stood up and was going to head off home. "All dressed up and nowhere to go?" I asked, she replied "yes." I asked her if she'd get out the car and give me a twirl which she did, WOW how fucking gorgeous was she, an instant boing! Tracey was wearing fishnets, high heels, micro mini pvc skirt, tight top and a wig. I started to feel her up, running my hands up and down her slender long stockinged legs, fuck me this was horny. my hand runs all the way up to her 'clitty'. Tracey then proceeded to unleash her clitty out of her pvc thong, and it grew to a fantastic 6/7". I went down on my knees and took her length right to the hilt, wow she tasted sweet. Tracey asked me if I liked spunk to which I nodded in agreement. She held off for what must have been another 10 minutes or so before shooting her delicious cum into my hungry mouth. I lapped it all up, swirled in round my mouth, swallowed it and licked her cock clean. the sweetest cum I'd tasted for a while, fantastic! We then went our separate ways. If you're reading this Tracey then "thanks hun!" If there are any other TV's local to Colchester and would like some fun then please contact me via my profile.