Written by Glenn

9 Aug 2003

Me and Carla had thrown a party after the pub for a handful of mates. Carla is 24 5' 6" slim but shapely, very sexy with long blonde hair bright blue eyes and 34b perts tits and fantastic legs and ass. She often flashes her tits after a few drinks and we even had a threesome with my mate recently, when we fucked her for hours. She had felt a bit guilty in the cold light of day but soon got over it when I re-assured her.

This night her mate Martina was at our house. Martina had just split with her boyfriend a few weeks earlier and was letting loose. Martina is same height as Carla with Long Auburn hair, green eyes very slim 34c tits and classically beautiful.

As the night rolled on we had to cool it after complaints form the neighbours. Everyone got taxis or staggered away or so we thought. Carla and I kissed and groped each other as we went up the stairs to our room. We went in to find Martina asleep fully clothed in our bed. Carla tried to wake her gently as we giggled away. In the end Carla just stripped down to her panties and got in on one side of Martina and said to me get in on the other side. I stripped down to my underkeks and slid into bed. Martina half opened her eyes and realising we were either side said "sorry guys do you want your bed back". Carla replied "its ok Marty theres plenty of room in here if you want to stay over" Our little house only had one double bedroom so the spare room wasn't an option and the little two seater settee not very practical. Martina said she was too hot and removed her jumper and wriggled out of her little skirt and lay in her panties and bra in the middle of us both. We chatted and joked in the half light and I gently stroked Martinas arm feeling more and more aroused by the fact I was in bed with two semi clad beautiful women all of us a little tipsy. My hand moved further down under the cover stroking her leg I wasn't sure if Carla knew what I was doing but my cock was now throbbing from the excitement. Martina moved her legs open slighlty and I took this as my queue to move my hand onto her crotch. I carressed the damp cloth of her panties before slipping inside with a couple of fingers and rubbing her clit. Martina was trying to talk to Carla with an evergrowing grin on her face. Martina stopped the conversation and said smiling "your boyfriend is being very rude with me Carla he has his hand im my panties you know" Carla laughed and pulled back the covers to get a look "don't forget me mate I should be first on the list I'm gagging for his cock" she said looking at me. "your gagging I've not had a shag for nearly a month!" At which point Martina kissed me hard on the mouth her tongue darting in and out of my mouth whilst I slipped 2 fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Carla unclipped Martina's bra and slid her own panties down. I felt for her tiits squeezeing the soft flesh finding her very thin but long brown nipples. Martina had located my cock and was stroking its length and caressing my tight balls. Carla was kneeling up watching us and rubbing her pussy she clamboured over us to my side and asked us to move up pulling the covers right back and helping me pull my shorts down. and remove MArtinas soaking panties. What a feeling this was - two beautiful women touching me pressing their soft flesh on to both sides of my body. Carla took my cock off Martina and turned away to me and started sucking me bucking back and forth with my spare hand I rubbed and played with her swollen pussy that was actually dribbling juices. Martina was writhing and panting on my other side with three of my fingers darting in and out of her pussy. Carla stopped sucking my cock and Martina seeing her chance of some cock scrambled hungrily over my cock and slid down as hard as she could "god Carla you lucky bitch you weren't bullshitting about his cock" My cock although not being that long at 7.5" is impressively thick one of the reasons I was confident a sex maniac like Carla wouldn't stray too far!

Martina bucked up and down I cupped her bobbing tits Carla decided to join in and sat on my face rubbing her clit against my tongue steadying herself on the headboard with my hands holding and kneeding her ass cheeks I could feel myself coming and tried to stop the rising feeling. Then Martina shuddered and let out a gasp and I lost my concentration milking myself into her hot hole. Carla realised I'd come and lifted off my face and knelt looking at her friend panting glistening in sweat with her boyfriends cock still buried deep inside. Martina rolled to one side grinning and purring. Carla immediatley started sucking my cock back into life licking my balls tasting Martina. "Come on I want a fuck now!" she demanded inbetween her sucking and licking. Martina had come back to life again and reached her hand past Carlas bent over ass and stroked her pussy lips. Carla glanced expecting it to be my hand and gasped realising her beautiful friend was pleasuring her. Martina slipped her long nailed fingers gently into Carla's pussy my cock sprung back into life! Carla stopped sucking my cock and moved her head towards Martinas pussy. Martina couldn't reach Carlas hole anymore as Carla licked her friends pussy her mouth shining in juices and my spent cum. I was dying for a piss and couldn't wait any longer so I got up and dashed to the toilet. By the time I returned Martina and Carla were kissing and rubbing each others clits. The second I walked in my cock swelled within a minute and Carla grabbed my cock and dragged me towards the bed. Carla pulled her legs wide as she could with Martina stroking her leg. I slid my cock in to her beautiful blonde pussy and fucked her harder and longer than I think I ever had done. Carla gasped and dug her nails in as she orgasmed over and over again Martina by my side rubbing her pussy frantically. I felt my cum rising and at the final stroke pulled out and sprayed my cum all over Carla's pussy lips as I knew that was one of Carlas biggest turn ons. Martina joined Carla massaging my spunk into her pussy. We all fucked each other once more showered kissed and that was it no repeat perfomance as yet although Martina has called me asking for a private performance!