Written by franko

14 Jul 2006

I wrote on here recently about having sex with my girlfriends mum a couple of weeks ago.

Snce that day I haven't seen Mel, however last Sunday I had arranged to play golf with David, Carla's dad. I started off playing well, however after a few holes I started thinking about how I had fucked this guys wife. I found this such a turn on that I started to struggle to concentrate on the golf.

After what seemed like hours, the round finished and I went back to Carla's parents for lunch. By the time we got back to the house I was so horny and was worried that I might struggle to hide it. When I saw Mel she looked stunning in a pair of tight jeans and a low cut black top.

I had never seen her looking so sexy and wondered if it was for my benefit!! After saying hi to Carla I said that I was feeling tired after golf and was going to have a shower to freshen up. As I left the room I gave Mel a little wink as if to say that she could join me if she wanted, however I never thought that she would. It didn't stop me leaving the bathroom door unlocked just in case though!!

By the time I got in the shower my cock was fully erect and I don't think it had ever been so big!! I was the horniest I had ever been and decided to have a wank to calm myself down. As I stood in the shower wanking furiously I heard a voice behing me. "I hope you're not going to waste that". I turned round and there was Mel looking stunning. I jumped out of the shower and kissed her passionatly. "I'm going to fuck you so hard" I said and undone her jeans and pulled them down. She had a small g-string on and as I pulled this to one side I stuck my hand between her legs, she was already dripping. "hurry up" said Mel, "Carla and David are downstairs so we have to be quick" I asked her if she'd been fucked since we got it on last time and she said that David had fucked her twice but he's nowhere near as big as me and she needed my cock now!!

With that I rammed my cock into her and she gasped. I lifted up her top and started fondling her beautiful breasts. By this time I was pumping my cock into her with real force and she seemed to be loving the sex a little bit rough. In no time at all her body tensed as she orgasmed. A few seconds later I shot my cum deep inside her.

In less than a minute she was fully dressed and gone, but all I could do was stand there smiling to myself.

For the rest of the day me and Mel were continuously giving each other little looks and winks and when I eventually got her alone I said that the quickies were good but I wanted to spend a whole night of passion with her. She said she felt the same and that we will have to make some arrangements.

That night I had amazing sex with Carla, but what she doesn't know is that all I was thinking of was her mum!!