Written by Plum

10 Jan 2006

Having split from my girlfriend I was struggling to pay the bills for the house and utilities. I got an extra job but money was still tight. I kept putting off different bills and paying the most important.

I then got a note through the door from a lady called Sarah, it explained that a few catalogue payments had not been made, I was unaware of this and ignored it. A few days later there was a knock at the door, I answered and a fabulous looking girl was there, she looked in her early thirties, long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and was very tall with long legs.

She announced that she was Sarah, I invited her in as I didnt want to discuss my finances on the doorstep. She told me that my girlfriend had purchased good through her catalogue and she was paying for them on a monthly basis. I told her the story of our split up and said the debt wasnt actually mine. The more we talked the more Sarah fidgetted on the sofa, it's quite old and not that comfortable, then she moved and I had a great view up her skirt, I couldnt take my eyes off her white panties. I wasnt sure whether she knew I could see them but if she did she didnt try to hide them.

We kept talking and I pointed to a picture behind her so that she would turn to see it, as she turned her legs opened and the view became better. She looked back quickly and caught me gawping up her skirt. "Like the view" she asked and I had to confess that I did. she then asked whether I would like to pay off the debt in another way, I knew what she meant and agreed.

She told me she like to be dominant and ordered me onto all fours. I was then told to crawl over to her on all fours which I did. I then had to run my tongue up her legs, being told to stop at certain points and go back down. Then had to remove her shoes with my feet, I was ordered to suck her toes, the thought of this had repulsed me in the past but I did it without questioning. I was then told to kiss her legs until I reached her knickers, when I did I nuzzled her pussy through her panties, flicking my tongue around the side of the panties. She lifted her bum from the sofa, put her hands up her dress and removed her panties, which were put on my head and I had to wear as a hat. "Make me cum" she ordered. I worked on her clit with lips and tongue until she screamed she was going to cum. She ordered me to stand and took my trousers and pants down, "Sit on the chair" she demanded, I didn't disagree. She then lowered her wet fanny onto my dick and started to ride me. I was ordered to fondle her tits which I did through her blouse. She then pushed her fingers into her pussy and started to flick her clit, the moaning became stronger and I could feel her cumming, the thought of this turned me on that I knew I would cum to. We both orgasmed at the same time. So far I have made a further three payments from my girlfriends account and I don't even know what she purchased in the first place.