Written by hayes

6 Jan 2005

This happened a few weeks ago when I was in town with a couple of mates. The four of us were having a few quiet beers in a local bar, the place was fairly busy and there were loads of spunky women dancing to a band that was playing. We were sat at a table just chatting when I was tapped on the shoulder from behind. Turning round I was met with a cuddle from Melissa, a girl I had worked with a few years ago, until she had shot off to Japan for her overseas experience. Melissa and I used to flirt with each other like crazy back in the office, but she had a long-term partner at that stage and was off limits. Although she is no supermodel, she is a good-looking girl never the less and has a real sex appeal about her. One of the things I was always attracted to about her were her tits, they are unreal, and even the other girls in the office used to talk about them they were so good.

Back to the bar, Melissa pulled a chair up along side me, ordered a drink and she and I picked up where we had left when she went to Japan. The flirting was instantaneous and eventually I was advised that she and her man were no longer together, things were looking good. Melissa had brought with her two of her mates who were stunning and they were quickly in discussion with my buddies, one of whom was a good mate of mine named, Mike.

We spent the most of the night in this one bar, all just chatting and getting along when the numbers started to thin out. It was obvious that Melissa and I were going to go home together by that stage as we had continued to get closer throughout the course of the evening, touching each other and exchanging the occasional kiss. It didn’t look like much was happening with our mates hooking up, despite Mike giving it his best shot to do so. At one stage everybody had gone to the dance floor leaving only Mike, Melissa and myself at the table. At that time, confident with alcohol, I confessed to Melissa that I had always wanted to see her tits and, without flinching, she said she said that she felt the same about my cock. Witness to the conversation, Mike just looked at us both and grinned. I said ‘okay then’ and on my stool, discreetly unzipped my pants and let out my erect penis, she mouthed the word ‘nice’ at me. When it came time to reciprocate she shied away due to the fact that she was wearing a tight dress where she couldn’t expose herself privately. Instead she asked if I would settle for a feel, which I happily accepted. All this while Mike continued to sit there and observe; I swear the grin never left his face.

What happened next, I can’t really explain, but having finished dancing, Melissa’s mates came up to the three of us who were sitting there and suggested that Melissa, Mike and I should have a threesome, just for the fun of it. The three of us laughed about it casually, but you could tell that the idea was ticking over in all our thoughts. I was up for it, I knew Mike was as he was kicking me under the table, but the deciding factor was obviously Melissa. I whispered “how bout it” in her ear, she smiled at me and said she had never done that kind of thing before but has always wanted to find out what one could be like. I am sure the fact that he girlfriend had suggested it made it far more easier to talk her into it but it wasn’t much longer before we were in a cab and heading back to Mike’s flat.

During the ride things heated up slightly with Melissa, sitting between us, exchanging kisses with Mike and I, whilst allowing our hands to roam over her gorgeous tits.

Back at the flat we headed straight for Mikes bed. Melissa, who had obviously warmed to the idea of two men immensely, sat on the bed and asked both Mike and I to strip first.

As we had played rugby on the same team for years, Mike and I had seen each other naked many times before, but never in this kind of situation. Physically, Mike is stacked like a bodybuilder, all crazy muscles. He is uncircumcised and, flaccid, is normally smaller than me so it was interesting to see his cock erect, he was roughly the same length and girth as mine. I noticed that even aroused the head of his cock was still covered by his foreskin, which was interesting, as I had never seen an uncut cock hard. I caught him looking at my cock as well, which is cut and stands proud at 7 inches. I guess we were both fascinated having never seen each other with hard-ons before.

Melissa giggled and shuffled up to the top of the bed and patted on either side of her, suggesting where we should lye. As we did she placed her hands on our dicks and gave them a quick tug before asking us both to help her out of her dress. She lifted her arms while we slid it up over her head leaving her naked but for a lacy bra and panties. Despite her melon like tits, Melissa had a nice tight stomach and arse and she looked so sexy under the glow of the lamp on Mike’s bedside table. Melissa said that before things really got under way we would have to shut the window curtains so I got up to do so. As I approached the window I saw a couple of figures outside, I recognised them as Craig and Jonno who we were drinking with at the bar. Jonno grinned at me and stepped back showing me his exposed erection; they were both outside wanking to the show that Mike, Melissa and I were about to put on. I was to find out later that Mike had told them to follow us home. Playing along, I pulled the curtains as Melissa had wished, but left a decent gap that the boys outside could view through as they pulled themselves off.

I returned to the bed where Melissa was indulging in Mike’s attentions, he had the slipped one cup of her bra down and was greedily sucking on her nipple. I followed suit and did the same with her other breast, eventually reaching behind her and undoing the clip to remove it. Amazingly once the bra was removed, her tits remained buoyant, holding their shape nicely. Melissa was busying her hands, playing with our cocks and balls as we worked her tits. Growing a little tired of this I slid down the bed and began to rub my fingers over the camel-toe that had formed through her panty’s, her body began to wiggle a little at my touch. I love to pull a woman’s panties to the side and finger her and this was exactly what I did next. Her pussy was so nice and moist and was framed by her pubic hairs, which had been shaped into a small blonde racing stripe. I repositioned myself and began to trace her lips with my tongue, Melissa was loving this, making small gasps, and so I took her panties off completely, opened her lips slightly and let my tongue dart around her clit. Mike was still groping and sucking on her tits at this stage and I saw that she was still handling his tool, it was amusing for me, as a cut guy, to watch my mates foreskin get pulled up and down over his knob head. Then Mike shuffled up and straddled Melissa’s chest, offering his cock for her mouth. From my vantagepoint, head between her legs all I could see was Mike’s big, hairy nuts swinging back and forward as he fucked her mouth. Mike is a Catholic, and a virgin, and so I knew was that this was going to be the best he was going to allow himself to get tonight, strange yes, but that’s the code he goes by. He started to grunt a little now and I knew by the way his balls had tightened that he was going to cum; so too did Melissa who took him out of her mouth and said she wanted it on her chest. He moved off to the side, gave himself a few tugs and then let his goo spray over her tits in big creamy jets. The whole scene was totally erotic and I was so turned on by everything that I couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her and get my end away. I ordered Melissa onto her hands and knees, took hold of my hard cock and began to rub my knob head up and down her slit, teasing her, making her want it more with each stroke. Finally I eased my shaft in and slid in as deep as I could go, pulled out slowly and then moved in again, building speed. Melissa was pushing back on me to meet each thrust, I leant over her and with both hands I grabbed her swinging tits and felt my hands become sticky with Mike’s nut cream. He laughed knowing exactly what had just happened as he laid there stroking his now limp prick back to life, he actually adjusted his position on the bed so that he could get a perfect view of my dick slipping in and out of Melissa’s sopping cunt. And this reminded me of the fact that the boys outside must be enjoying the show hugely, I wondered how many times they had cum themselves watching us. I couldn’t believe what we were doing and how easy everything had just fallen into our laps, so to speak, I looked back at Mike and gave him the ‘thumbs up’, he laughed again, gave me a slap on the arse and said “get in their boy”.

Aware that in the heat of the moment I had entered Melissa bareback, I knew that I was stupid to have done this, these things happen, but I could not risk blowing inside her.

Thrusting faster I began to feel the tingle in my nuts telling me that my orgasm was near.

I announced my impending wad, chanced a few more plunges, withdrew and began to wank. Melissa spun round and offered her chest again for my load, Mike patted Melissa’s tits and said, “right here mate, right here”. I moaned and let my cum spit out over her chest in big dollops, Melissa, at her sexiest, rubbed it in to her skin and then sucked the remainder off her fingers. Mike and I gave each other a high five, before Melissa interrupted, exclaiming “my turn”. Knowing what had to be done, I slipped back between Melissa’s legs and replaced my cock with my tongue into her juicy box. Mike lay beside her, using one hand to trace over her cum covered breasts and the other was busy rubbing her clit, at the same time he was grinding his now resurrected cock into her side. As Melissa got hotter she began to part her legs more and more, allowing my tongue greater range over her lips. Her moans became louder and her body began to convulse as her orgasm took over, her pussy so sensitive she closed her legs, blocking my tongue. She lay there breathing heavily as her body recovered. As she lay their like a slut, Mike and I moved up either side of her and began to wank furiously, knowing the boys would still be outside, I reached over with my free hand and lifted Melissa’s leg open, exposing her wet gash to the boys outside. Meanwhile she was busying herself, playing with our balls, tugging on them and leaning over occasionally to lick them. Between the two of us, being guys, we made a competition of it to see who could spunk first. I gave first, and my cum shot out, some of it actually making it past Melissa and onto Mike’s arm, seconds later Mike followed but his only managed to dribble from his dick onto Melissa. She replaced our hands with hers and pulled them both into her mouth at the same time, cleaning our heads with her tongue.

We pretty much all went to bed after that, and picked up again in the early hours of the morning.

Later, catching up with our mates from outside the window, we learned that they had totally enjoyed the show and had cum a couple of times each watching us. What a great drinking story that is going to become.

I have some photos of previous encounters, if anyone would like to swap – e-mail me.