Written by KevinandCathy

9 Mar 2004

Last September, it was my husbands fortieth birthday. By way of celebrating such an occasion we had decided to hire a villa in St Lucia for two weeks, from a previous story you will know how much I enjoy being fucked by the locals. I had it in my mind that I would give Kevin a present to remember, me romping with some local stud.

On the fourth day in St Lucia, I was beginning to get worried about delivering my present, there was absolutely no sign of any body that got me wet between the legs and I was bringing to talk myself into being fucked by any local with a pulse, and then Earle turned up he was about 21 years old, (a bit young but I needed someone as I had already told Kevin what his birthday gift was), and a body that women would die for. He had turned up to clean the swimming pool and do odd jobs, and was ours every other day.

Two days later I was standing on the patio in the tiniest bikini I had ever worn, barely covering my pussy and tits, Kevin had remarked that he had never seen me looking as sexy

The door bell rung and I ordered Kevin upstairs to the back bedroom, “go and watch your birthday present”

My heart was pounding as I walked to the front door in my “slut bikini”

Earle was standing at the door in his cut down shorts, tee shirt “rippling muscles underneath”, he was gleaming with sweat, and he looked fantastic.

I mumbled something silly like "Ah, right on time”.

I could see Earle eyeing me up and he replied “see you around the back”

When he got to the back lawn he took his tee shirt off, I was amazed at his physique, six three tall, six pack tummy, all muscle (he obviously worked out) and a massive bugle in at the front of his shorts.

"Hey, Earle”, I shouted over the lawn mower's roar. “I have a couple of drinks; you look like you’ve been working hard this morning”

Earle cut the engine and turned to see who shouted. When he

saw me walking towards him in my tiny bikini, tits swaying from side to side; I could almost feel his eyes burning into me. When I see the video Kevin made of the afternoon I can’t believe how “slutty and want to be fucked” I looked.

"Hi, Cathy. I thought you were going out today with Mr. H”.

I was pleased to see that he made such a valiant effort to look me in the eyes, but temptation was too much his eyes rarely looked above my very ample cleavage. Earle was obviously a tit-man.

"no he has gone out on his own today."

I sat down on the chaise lounge and stared up at Earle's crotch.

Earle stepped closer to me and used the opportunity to stare down between my breasts. The crotch of his shorts began to swell.

Earle gulped the rest of his drink, "Thanks for the drink, Cathy I guess I better get back to mowing."

I caught the crack in his voice and smiled up at him and said, "There's no hurry, Earle. I was just looking at your body. It looks like you work out; it has a very positive effect on your body."

I guessed exercise was a topic he would want to talk about, because the next few minutes were filled with the details

of lifting weights.

Next minute I stood up and reached out to touch Earle's arms. "Wow,

Earle, your arms are hard as rocks." I moved my hands up to his

shoulders and down his chest, over his nipples. "You are an

iron man, aren't you?"

Earle could only nod, and I continued with the slow seduction.

I had never flirted like this, and I had never been hotter.

"I've been thinking about lifting weights, too. I'm afraid

aerobics and running won't be enough to keep me firm. I'm

already beginning to sag like an old lady."

"No Cathy. You look terrific."

"Well, thank you, kind sir. Say, if you can keep this

professional, maybe you can give me some advice. Are there

exercises I could do to prevent my breasts from sagging any more?


With that, I untied the string behind her neck and back. Then removed the bikini top as casually as removing a coat.

Earle's eyes actually bulged as he viewed my round,

full brown tits, I could feel my nipples hardening. He tried to blurt out something, but all that came out was, "Oh, Cathy.."

"Earle, it's okay. I just want your expert opinion on a

body building question. If you prefer, I can put my top back on,

but then you can't see as well."

I lifted both tits in my hands.

"Is there an exercise I can do to keep these right where

they are, and not sag any further?" I could see Earle's cock was straining the fabric of his shorts. Earle shrugged.

"Oh, Earle, I did that, didn't I? I'm so sorry. I was

thinking about exercise and forgot that you are a red-blooded

male. Here, let me make it better for you." With that,

I pulled Earle's shorts down over his hips and cock. He

stood absolutely still as they fell to his ankles. I felt more

than a little nervous when I saw the size of his cock was it was the biggest I had ever seen not only long, but thick, straight and jet black.

I reached for him, pulling him a step closer with my

hands on his arse. Then kissed the black, pink head of his cock and then licked the underside. I opened my mouth to accept this massive cock, sucking and slurping it in and out my mouth. He must have been so excited because in less than a minute, Earle

began to pant and jerk his hips.

Another man's cock was shooting cum into my hot mouth.

I swallowed everything and licked Earle's penis clean

before I released him. His cock was still semi-rigid as he sat

down on the grass.

I smiled down at him, "You taste wonderful." Earle's

penis jerked a little in response. "You've made me very hot,

Dear." It jerked again. "I think I need more of you." And that

was it; Earle was hard again.

Standing up I untied my bikini bottom, and pushed Earle onto his back.

I hoped I gave Kevin the perfect view to watch Earle’s cock

penetrate my pink, wet pussy, as I lowered myself very gingerly onto his massive cock. I didn't know how experienced Earle was or even if he wasn't, but one thing was for sure I was certainly going give him the best fuck of his young life. I rode his cock, like the prefect horse rider I was, placing his hands on my bouncing tits, and making his fingers pinch my nipples as I neared an orgasm. I felt his big cock throbbing and my pussy juices rushing out as I raised myself up on it, and dropped down moaning with delight.

It wasn't long before I began a very intense orgasm. I just completely lost control of my rhythm, and was moaning and screaming in complete surrender to the feeling washing through me. When the orgasm passed, I slowly lifted myself off Earle's still-hard cock.

He whimpered a low "No," and tried to stop me getting of him, but I laid down on the chaise, with a leg off each side, and smiled, "Come fuck me, Earle."

And he did. He moved between my legs, and angrily shoved his cock

up my pussy in one fast move. I was taken back by how easy this monster of a cock had gone into me, I must have been wide open, and I grunted at the force of his invasion and wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck. Earle then proceeded to pound his cock me so hard that my arse could feel the metal of the chaise through the deep cushion. He just kept ramming his cock into me, with every stroke I could feel his balls hitting me, I was taking his 10 inch cock to the root, and I remember screaming something along the lines that he was reaching places that no man had ever reached before.

I don’t know how I stayed with him, I just kept urging him on, saying "Oh, yes, Earle. Fuck me. Pump me hard, dear. Oh, yes!" and Earle whispering in my ear “was it okay to cum inside me as must English women insist that I pull out”, well that just did it for me, I screamed “no, no inside let me feel your hot cum”

It just had to happen by luck, accident or design, we both hit our orgasms simultaneously. After their climax, Earle rolled off me.

His cock was shining with mine and his own juices, we were both

covered with sweat.

As our breathing slowed I thanked him for the most fantastic fuck I had ever had and I dropped my hand to his chest, running my fingernails gently over his beautiful black skin.

I stood up rather shakily and poured two drinks, Earle stood to pull up his shorts.

I held out my hand, "Wait. Let me clean that for you,

Earle." He needed no further urging to move closer me.

I took his soft, wet cock into my mouth and began to

suck and lick it clean. In seconds, it was growing hard yet

again, and I marvelled at Earle's recuperative powers.

Giving a throaty laugh I said, "Oh, dear! It's still


Earle smiled as I let it slip out of my mouth and I

positioned myself bending over the chaise, directly in front of back room window where I had sent Kevin a couple of hours earlier. Earle was not gentle as he shoved his cock in to the hilt and started to bang away at my pussy. He grabbed hold of my hips and just thrust away like someone who hadn’t had sex for months, it was just animal sex. I could see my reflection in the window, the force of the fucking I was receiving at the hands of my young stud was making my tits swing from side to side, then for grabbed one with his hand and then the other and started to pinch my nipples. Knowing that Kevin could see the pleasure on my face and everything just made it such a turn on.

I was moaning, screaming, crying and urging Earle to cum, he was banging away for ages, I think that Earle sensed that I couldn’t cum and then to my complete surprise he inserted 2 fingers into my arse, well I had never known anything like it, it was if he had pressed a magic button I just cum with a force that I had never experienced before and a little while after Earle let out a long sigh and a small trickle of cum shot up me. We both collapsed on the chaise.

After about 5 minutes of catching our breathe, I said you better get dressed Kevin could be home soon.

Earle gave me a little kiss on the lips and said “I will see you on Saturday”. I thought my god does he think that he is going to get a repeat performance.

I walked naked across the lawn and into porch and stood

beside Kevin. "Happy birthday, Darling. Want to feel someone

else's cum in your wife's pussy?"

Kevin reached out and inserted three fingers up my pussy.

It was full of Earle's sticky cum. I just bent down and took him in my mouth, 2 seconds later my mouth was full of his cum.

When I finished, Kevin smiled and looked down at my body. Cum was dripping down my thighs, my tits had red marks on them where Earle had been a little rough, and I was covered with sweat and grass and dust. Kevin said he had never seen me looking sexier in his life.

I just said, "I need a long hot bath!"

I was exhausted and fell asleep in the tub.

Kevin and I discussed the day's events over dinner. I

said I had been thinking about it a long time, after the fun we had in Negril. The thought of you watching me with another man grew and grew until it became a full-fledged turn-on. I worked

the whole plan through my head for months, from seeing the holiday villa, the location, how you get turned on seeing black men fucking me. I was so worried that before I’d seen Earle that I thought I was going to have to fuck that sly holiday rep that keeps turning up and leering all over me.

"So, how was he? His stamina depressed this 40-year old


I giggled and said, "His stamina surprised this 41 year

old woman! I thought it would all be over and done in just a few


Kevin toasted me with my wine, "You are the cause of that,

Dear. Your beauty, your amazing body, and your pure sexuality."

I blushed, "The whole time it was going on, I was

thinking about you watching me, knowing I was doing this for


Kevin raised an eyebrow, "Oh, so then you didn't enjoy it, you were just doing it for me?"

I laughed, "Of course, I enjoyed it! If he ever turns up in the neighbourhood there will be a traffic problem from all the frustrated house wives queuing up for his services. He's a real stud."

Kevin looked seriously, "You know he'll want more, while were here don't you?"

I laughed "I'm sure he'll ask or try, but I'll convince him it was a once in a lifetime thing that can never be repeated. After well I can barely walk my pussy is so sore”, I laughed “but if you want him to fuck me for the rest of holiday I don’t mind”.

Kevin laughed.

If I get the time I will post what happened the next week !!!!!