Written by mark

9 Jan 2004

Three years ago my wife it was my wife Cathys 37th birthday, we were due to go out with an old friend of mine john and his girlfriend. Unfortunately he telephoned late in the afternoon and explained that she was ill and that they would have to cancel, my wife got on the phone and persuaded him to come along anyway. As I have aleays known that he quite fancied her he readily agreed, and showed up at 7.30.After a quick drink, my sister in law arrived to baby sit the kids and we left for a local resteraunt.

During our main course jon excused myself and went to the loo, Cathy told me that he had said she looked stunning that evening whilst they had walked into the resteraunt while i was parking the car. My wife is 5 foot six has a great hour glass figure 34DD boobs and a 26 inch waist and is a size 12 dress size.

We drove back to the house eventually and cathy told john that she had been shopping that afternoon on my credit card (it being her birthday) and that she had some surprises for me.

After several more drinks my sister in law needed to get back home , so I got up expecting john to make his excuses and leave as well, but Cathy offered him another drink and he stayed put.

I drove sue back home and started the return leg, I then got a call on my mobile that Cathy had left her gloves in the resteraunt and could i divert back and pick them up, i said i would but was almost home I was hoping that John had buggered off and I could get Cathy into the sack. However as I drove past our street I noticed his car still on the drive and decided then to park one street away and walk to the back of our houses and over the back fence into our garden, just in case antthing was going on.

I sneaked up to the patio doors and peered through into the house through a chink in the curtains, john was sitting at right angles to me Cathy, was standing in the middle of the room with a short smart business suit and new shoes on, she spun around twice and develed into several bagsholding up various outfits incliding a new bilkini and several summer dresses. then she dissapeared and came back several minutes later in sandals and one of the summer dresses. What happened next nearly made my eyes and cock burst, john stood up and unzipped her dress, leaving cathy in the bikini and high heeled sandals, they embraced and john lost no time in stripping her naked playing with her ample tits. Within two minutes he had her sucking his cock and then began to fuck her on the living room floor , after what seemed an eternity he pulled out and shot his come over her stomach and tits and left her lying there for several minutes. I retreated and "came back" 20 minutes later and apologised for the delay. Cathy was wearing the clothes she had gone out in and John soon left cheekily suggesting that we should go out again some time. She will be 40 in a few weeks time and although she doesnt know it I would dearly like to witness a repeat performance.