Written by Steve

27 Feb 2006

have been living in our house for five years and when we moved in we coupled up with guys two dors down. We liked our booze and so did they. Perfect match. John was reasonable lookin as was sarah. the worst for wear afetr the kids but over the last few years we have had some good times.

My wife was away and Sarah called to see if we were having a drinka as John was also away. Nearly ready for bed I said f it and said yea comeon over knowing that we could be drinking for a few hours yet. Over she came and the chat began, always edging toward the sex theme. She played a bit quite and I thought hey there whats happening. A few more vodkas and we were dancing. I was as hard as a rock as she pressed herself into me. Think she wanted it but was not to sure. Boring night, a kiss and a dance....


The story was only beginging there. This morning, Monday, the door bell went. It was Sarah, as I said she was a little the worst for wear after the kids but still quite attractive. She was looking for milk....he he he. We both knew what she was up for.

She came in the door and asked, with a silly smile on her face, for the milk. I brushed off her tits as if to say any milk there. She smiled again except with a glint in her eye. This gave me the courage to have alittle feel again and she instantly put her hand on my crotch, that was it, the rest was simply going to happen. We moved to a room which had a blind spot and she ubdid my pants, eased them down and out came my rock hard cock. She explained that she would not fuck me but promised a blow job to blow my mind. She was expert. Deep throath too, never had that before. Before I was ready to come, as if she knew, she stopped sat on the table and lifted her white skirt to reveal no knickers....... bare pussy which I must say was perfect even though she had kids. It was soo smooth and glistened. I was taken by my ears and my face placed infront of it. I knew what to do and started to lick it gently. She was moaning and I wet a finger with her juice and eased the finger up her bum. She came, so so wet. I nearly came myself when I saw the wettness....

I turned her and put her accross the table, wet my cock on the outside of her pussy and entered he bum. It didnt take long, I fucked her and she came. Likewise for me I filled her arse.

She turned and smiled, cleaned herself up and got a litre of milk from the fridge, turned and left. Phew.....