Written by MotherInLawFucker

2 Nov 2004

I married my ex-wife Karen back in 1986 and after a couple years around the time my son was born our marriage was going through a sticky patch and our sex life together was practically non-existent and I was allowed to get my fun elsewhere as long as I always came home and put on a normal front for the sake of our son.My wife didn't show any interest in sex at all even if there was a film on that had sex included she would either leave the room or turn the tv over so I took her up on the offer and went elsewhere.It didn't mean me fucking someone different every night just if the opportunity arose then I was free to do as I wanted.One such time was when we went to Karens family home for a BBQ and we acted as if thing were fine and when her mother answered the door I was once again getting the urges as since I married Karen I had always lusted after Barbara who was a large bulit woman with huge big tits and a fat arse and I always enjoyed it when we hugged and kissed ona rrival as I got to feel her tits squashed against my chest and I swear she liked it as well as she must of felt my cock press against her leg but always smiled.Well as the day went along I kept peeking at Barbara as she bent down in the kitchen and one time I got a great look down her top and one of her melons nearly slipped out and a couple of times I saw her big arse as she bent down.I had to go to the toilet and no sooner ahd I got int here than I pulled down my trousers and freed my erect cock and started to think of Babara bent over the bath with her arse in the air and her udders dangling down and I saw the full laundry basket and the lid was half off and I saw a large pair of black knickers and I put them to my nostrils and enhlaedher smell and nearly fell over and I placed them over my helmet and started to wank up and down my shaft as her panties were bound round my cock I started to say to myself thats it you dirty slut suck my cock you love it dont you you fat pig go on Barbara.Just then there was a tap on the door and in she walked and she saw me standing near the sink with a full erection covered by her panties,because I had been in a hurry I had forgot to lock the door.I quickly put my cock back into my trousers and went to apologise,but she closed the door and lcoked it and came towards me and put her hand down my trousers and asked if that was becuase of her and I told her that I couldn't help myself as Karen wasn't interested I ahve to get my sexual pleasure elsewhere.I grabbed Barabar and kissed her full on the lips and massaged her big tits through her dress and told her I wanted to se her naked and she unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor to reveal two huge tits and a large pair of panties which I pulled down and saw for the first time a large bush of hair and I ran my hand over the front and slid a finger into her pussy and felt her move back and she told me she wanted my cock as she had not fucked Martin(her husband) for 3 months as he was recovering form an operation so I bent her forward and rammed my cock up her pussy and she soon started pushing backwards and I managed to grab her tits and played with them and I told her I couldnt last as I was so tunred on she told me to go ahead and empty my seed inside her and I pulled her arse closer and did just that and hung onto her heaving chest and pulled her nipples causing her to squeal.She turned round and we kissed and cuddled and she told me to wait until tomorrow as Martin and Karen would be going out.I wathced as she pulled up her panties and could see all my spunk causing a damp patch and she told me she would finger her pussy throughout the day and think of tomorrow.

Will tell what happened if get enough interest.