Written by Gosso

24 Nov 2006

I’m a 35 year old man with a pantyhose fetish. My fetish started in my teenage years when I started stealing and wearing my sister’s lingerie and pantyhose. I would dress up when nobody was home and the play with myself.

Now I am married to a gorgeous lady who wears business suits everyday with pantyhose and sexy heels. She never new about my fetish until today.

It was all set, she was to be away on a business trip and only back the following day. I rushed home from work and got my bag of sexy lingerie, hosiery, dresses and heels out of the loft. I lay it all on the bed and started dressing up. I picked a lovely white sheer all in one body and slipped it on. My cock started throbbing. Next were a sexy garter belt and some beige shiny stockings. I slipped on a pair of black heels and looked at myself in the mirror. I found my breast inserts and put them in the bra of the all in one body. I looked and felt like a million dollars. I grabbed a nice black frock, it hugged my body and you could see my bulging cock. I was ready to play.....

I had just set up the camera and tripod when I heard the front door open. I stood there frozen, my heart pounding in my throat. It was my wife, and she was not alone. I was trapped in the lounge with no escape. My wife looked surprised and her friend, Sara, looked me up and down and smiled. They looked at each other and started laughing. They told me to get them each a drink and to keep my sexy outfit on. It turns out that they decided to give the meeting a miss and went down the pub with some friends and got a taxi back.

I poured them a glass of wine each and took it into the lounge. My wife asked me what I was wearing under the dress. Sara told me to do as she said or she would tell all my friends about my hobby. I took the dress off and they made me sit between them on the couch. The two girls were giggling. My wife started touching and stroking my cock. It felt brilliant through the sheer nylon of the body I was wearing. Sara stood up and asked if I would like to see what she wore under her skirt and blouse. I looked at my wife and she nodded. They both stood in front of me and took there skirts off. Sara was wearing a lacy black panty and some black hold-ups. My wife dropped her skirt and she had only sheer beige pantyhose on, no panties. I sat there with a huge erection.

Sara then unbuttoned her blouse and revealed a see thru black bra. She had beautiful breasts and really small nipples. My wife took her satin blouse off and was wearing a very low-cut white lace bra. I could almost see her nipples. They sat down next to me and laughed. They asked me if this was my favourite outfit and I answered yes. My wife told me to get the camera ready. She whispered in Sara's ear and stood up from the couch. Sara slid her hand up my leg and started stroking my cock. My wife had the video camera rolling and was also taking pictures. Sara undid the crotch of my body suit and my cock sprang out. I saw her lick her lips and then her head moved towards my stiff cock. She kissed my thigh and balls. I was aching for her to suck me. She slowly took my cock into her warm mouth and started sucking it. This felt so good. My wife looked bored and sat on the couch beside Sara. She slid her hand inside Sara’s panties and started finger fucking her. Sara loved this and sucked my cock even harder. She then moved her other hand under me and slid her finger in my ass. I was in heaven and closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I saw Sara on her knees sucking my cock and my wife lying under Sara sucking her pussy. It was the best day of my life. My wife told Sara that she wanted some cock in her and got up. She came back from the bedroom with her pink dildo. She gave this to Sara. My wife looked into my eyes and straddled me. My cock slipped into her warm wet pussy. Sara fucked herself with the pink dildo and had a loud orgasm. She moved behind my wife and I felt the dildo buzzing on my balls. What she did next really surprised me. She started sliding the dildo into my wife’s ass. She has never allowed me near her as and here she was letting her friend stick a big pink dildo into her ass. It stretched her ass nice and open. My wife got up, turned around and sat on me. She told me to slide my cock into her ass. I couldn’t wait. It slid in and it was very tight. Sara was licking my wife’s pussy and we were all having a great time.

My wife had another orgasm and got off my cock. Sara jumped up and slid my cock in her ass. While I was fucking her in her ass my wife was fucking Sara’s pussy with the dildo. I was ready to come and my wife told me to cum in Sara’s ass. I shot the biggest load ever and it started oozing out of her ass. She got off me and my wife rimmed Sara’s ass and swallowed the cum. Sara was sucking my cock until every drop of cum was gone.

My wife smiled at me and got up. She turned the camera off and walked to the bathroom. Sara started to get dressed. She put her skirt and blouse on. She took her hold-ups off and bundled them with her panties and bra and tossed them at me. She told me to wear them next time I was horny.

My wife returned from the bathroom wearing her robe and asked me if I enjoyed this. She also told me that she had discovered my bag long ago and that the two of them had planned to trap me. I asked her if she liked women and she told me that this would only happen if I was with her.

Sara said goodbye and walked past me. She grabbed my cock one more time and gave it a good suck.

She left and it was all over.

Since that day lots has changed. I go shopping for sexy lingerie with my wife and she makes me take it to the changing rooms to try it on. Our sex life could not be any better......