Written by steve

8 Oct 2004

While at a local dogging spot the other day i was sat in the car waiting for some action but it was very quiet,so i decided to get my cock out and start to wank myself off all 8 hard inches of it thinking about watching some hot couple fucking.when a bright light lit up the place and my cock, and when i looked it was the police and a copper shining a toarch through my window.The officer turned out to be a fit WPC with blonde hair and what looked like a hot body,she opend the door with me still holding my cock and told me to put it away and get out.As i was doing this she dragged me out the car by my arm with my cock still hard and hanging out and she pushed me up against the car and hand cuffed me with my hands around my back.She then spun me around and pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock and she looked up and said that if i told anyone she would fucking have me charged.She carried on sucking my cock and i could not hold back and came in her mouth,as i did so she pulled away and spat it accross my face and called me a dirty cunt.She spun me around again and put me over my bonnet and said i would regret that and the next thing i knew she was licking my arse and she then spat on my arse which was getting me hard again.However she then stood up and walked back and the next thing i knew i could feel a cock being pushed up my arse and as i tried to push away from the car i just took more cock up my arse.i looked over my shoulder and could see the WPC with her trousers down and a hand in her panties wanking her clit as her male partner fucked my arse.i was really hard now and the cock was slipping out of my virgin arse with long strokes and they were telling me what a dirty little cunt i was.The wpc then got down in front of me and started to suck my cock again and again i came in her mouth in seconds and she told her partner to let me have it and he really drove his cock into me and then shot his spunk up me and when he pulled his cock out she licked it clean of his spunk and my arse.she then took the cuffs off and told me to fuck off till the same time next week.i left and felt strange having been fucked by a bloke but i was so horny i went home and wanked my cock silly while i sat on the wifes dildo.